Just when players think they’ve mastered a farming route or the best way to take down a creature in Monster Hunter World, the community goes and finds an even better method. That depth is part of what makes the massive game so rewarding and engaging, but it also leaves a lot of homework to catch up on. The latest Monster Hunter World breakthrough comes in the form of a new method for track farming.

The new method is similar to the one many players were using already, but with a few key differences. Here is everything you need to do to start the new grind…

Start The Quest

First, be sure to bring along the ghillie mantle for this journey. Start the quest A Summons from Below and drop in at Camp 11.

Collect Some Rocks

Once you are loaded into the zone, equip the ghillie mantle and head down to the bottom. Make a quick right turn and begin to pick up the rocks.

Find The Monster/Throw A Rock

After that is finished, turn around and climb up the vines. Face where Odogaron is hanging out and chuck a rock at the monster as soon as he is in view.

The rock will scare the monster away and he’ll flee back to his cave, leaving behind a footprint. Note: You should crouch down here to stop your mental timer from ticking down.

Collect The Tracks

Eventually Odogaron will run further up the path and you can follow and pick up the tracks.

At this point, the theory is that the best method is to leave the quest and get out of this area. Afterwards, you can pick the quest up again and repeat the process. It’s not a perfect method, and it does still rely on a some luck, but this seems to be the best farming approach for tier two investigations.

Here is a video rundown of this farming approach in action…

Good luck out there, hunters! Be sure to check out our strategy guides for other Monster Hunter World tips and tricks.

Monster Hunter World is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases later this fall.

Source: TheNorseCrow