Although Monster Hunter World developer Capcom has promised robust post-launch support through updates and add-ons, the studio has kept relatively quiet about specifics. All we have known thus far is that Deviljho will join the game’s roster of monsters, but that was about it. However, today Capcom gave Monster Hunter World players a clearer picture of the future, and things look very promising.

While some had hoped that Deviljho might be added to Monster Hunter World today, Capcom announced the monster will make its grand debut on March 22nd.

Deviljho is the first of a presumed wealth of new monsters that will make their way into Monster Hunter World in the coming months. There was prior speculation that Capcom might release Deviljho into the wild via an event quest, but that proved to be little more than wishful thinking. Next week is its official debut, but it’s unclear how exactly the monster will appear.

In past Monster Hunter games, Deviljho has been known to interrupt more casual quests and that could still be a possibility for World. Given that Capcom is avoiding too many specifics, it’s possible that one of the new event quests that releases on the 22nd, which is Monster Hunter World’s reset day, will feature Deviljho.

It’s safe to assume that Deviljho will also add a new set of armor and hopefully new weapon trees to Monster Hunter World, but Capcom has not confirmed that yet. As of right now, the protection from Defense Down debuff has been in the Monster Hunter World skill list but most haven’t invested in it. However, they may soon find the skill very useful if past Deviljho battles are any indication.

For many Monster Hunter veterans, Deviljho represents a new challenge that should hopefully test their skills even further. The monster is well known for being easy to learn but difficult to monster, and it is plenty capable of carting a player if they are not careful.

Needless to say, new content within two months of release for Monster Hunter World should be exciting to players, but there are other additions to look forward to as well. Stay tuned for more details on Monster Hunter World’s major updates.

Source: Famitsu (via Gaijin Hunter)