With Destiny 2 making some questionable choices that have its fan-base uncertain as to where the game will be going, many fans are looking for a new grind to sink their time into – and it’s looking as though Monster Hunter World might just be the title players need. According to Game Director Yuya Tokuda, the latest in the Monster Hunter franchise will be host to a familiar focus on looting that Destiny fans are well equipped to deal with.

In a recent discussion regarding the similarities between Destiny and Monster Hunter World, Tokuda commented on the parallels between the two series.

“The concept of collecting loot from slain enemies to improve their equipment is certainly similar. That’s why I think Destiny players will find it easier to settle in and get into Monster Hunter World.”


However, the Director added that there is no level up system in the upcoming large-scale Monster Hunter title, and all skills are instead tied directly to the items that the player has equipped. Executive Director Kaname Fujioka also commented on the similarities between to two games, pointing out that Monster Hunter World provides a unique feeling when collecting loot.

In the upcoming Monster Hunter installment, Hunters will need to decide which equipment they want to build in advance, before tracking down the necessary monster. Depending on which body part is needed, players may need to knock off a certain limb or capture the beast rather than killing it, providing a little more variation to the title.

One thing Destiny players will certainly be happy about is the promise of free DLC for Monster Hunter World, a concept that many wish Destiny 2 offered after the disappointing reception of Curse of Osiris. The game will also offer a meaningful and content-filled endgame, as with previous Monster Hunter titles, making it everything that Bungie’s MMO-inspired shooter is currently lacking.

As for the story, Monster Hunter World will take some time to complete, with even the quickest of players expected to rack up a great deal of hours in the title’s story missions alone. After an Open Beta that left fans desperate for more, it’s safe to say that the latest in the Monster Hunter franchise is certainly one to watch when it launches early next year.

Monster Hunter: World will launch on January 26th, 2018 for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release planned for a later date.

Source: MeinMMO