When players first start up Monster Hunter World, the amount of customization might seem staggering. From the various weapons to the numerous armor sets, there are so many ways a player can deck out their build, and tons of different combinations are viable. On top of that, the game offers decorations – jewels that further buff a player’s abilities or protect them from certain types of damage.

Jewels in Monster Hunter World are that extra tiny piece that can take a build over the edge. They can give players a little extra damage to make those Tempered Elder Dragon hunts easier, or they can help a player tank a hit from a Nergigante without dying. But if players want these jewels they will need to know where to look.

Luckily, one diehard Monster Hunter World fan has put together a comprehensive chart that breaks down every decoration in Monster Hunter World, detailing where to find it and how many are required to receive the full effect of the decoration’s skill.

For those that might not know, Monster Hunter World decorations are broken down into four categories: Rarity levels 5 through 8. Since jewels don’t enter the equation until players hit High Rank hunts, the lower rarities are out.

Monster Hunter World's Rathalos is Vulnerable to Dragon

Rarity 5 Decorations/Jewels

Rarity Level 5 Decorations are mostly those based around resistances to certain types of elemental or status effect damage. In this category players will find the likes of Fire Resistance and Sleep Resistance, as well as some other helpful jewels like Geologist (gain more items from mining) and Entomologist (pick up more bugs).

Airborne: Increases the player’s jumping attack power.

Aquatic Expert: Helps the player move faster in water.

Blast Resistance

Bleeding Resistance

Botanist: Pick up more herbs, fruits, seeds, nuts, etc. per gather.

Divine Blessing: Random chance to reduce damage by up to 50%.

Dragon Resistance

Effluvia Resistance: Reduces Effluvial buildup

Entomologist: Increases chance of corpse being left behind on bug kill.

Fire Resistance

Fortify: Increased attack and defense after falling in battle.

Free Meal: Random chance of consuming a food or drink item for free.

Geologist: Gather extra times from bonepiles and other special gathering points.

Heavy Artillery: Increases the firepower of cannons and ballistae.

Hunger Resistance

Ice Resistance

Iron Skin: Grants protection against defense down.

Intimidator: Reduces chance monsters will attack after spotting the player.

Palico Rally: Increases the effectiveness of Palicos.

Paralysis Resistance

Poison Resistance

Resuscitate: Improves evasion and reduces stamina use when a status effect is on the player.

Scenthound: Increases research level gains with each track collected.

Sleep Resistance

Sporepuff Expert: Sporepuffs give health.

Stealth: Monsters will lose sight of you easier.

Thunder Resistance

Tool Specialist: Reduces recharge time of specialized tools.

Water Resistance

Where to find them: Rarity 5 Decorations will drop from any high rank monster quest.

Monster Hunter World's Jyuratodus is Vulnerable to Thunder

Rarity 6 Decorations/Jewels

Rarity Level 6 Decorations is where we start getting into the buffs category, specifically with regards to doing damage to monsters. Here you will find decorations like Dragon Attack and Health Boost, as well as Partbreaker and Quick Sheath.

Affinity Sliding: Sliding boosts affinity for a short time.

Blast Attack: Increases the rate of blast buildup.

Blight Resistance

Bombardier: Increases the damage of explosives.

Constitution: Decreases stamina loss when performing specific moves.

Critical Eye: Boosts affinity.

Defense Boost

Dragon Attack: Increases dragon element attack power.

Earplugs: Monster roars won’t stun the player.

Evade Extender: Increases evade distance.

Evade Window: Increases invulnerability when evading.

Fire Attack: Increases fire element attack power.

Flinch Free: Prevents knockback on certain damage.

Health Boost: Increases health.

Horn Maestro: Boosts effect and duration of Hunting Horn effects.

Ice Attack: Increases ice element attack power.

Item Prolonger: Item effects last longer.

Non-Elemental Boost: Powers up non-elemental weapons.

Paralysis Attack: Increases duration of paralysis.

Partbreaker: Increases chance of breaking or severing monster parts.

Poison Attack: Poison buildup is faster.

Poison Functionality: Adds poison to any weapon.

Quick Sheath: Player puts away weapon faster.

Recovery Speed: Speeds up recovery of the red section of health bar after taking damage.

Recovery Up: Recover more health when healing.

Sleep Attack: Increases rate of sleep buildup.

Slinger Capacity: Slinger holds more ammo.

Slugger: Monsters are easier to make dizzy.

Speed Eating: Item consumption speed is faster.

Speed Sharpening: Sharpening is faster.

Stamina Thief: Certain attacks can exhaust monsters faster.

Stun Resistance

Thunder Attack: Increases thunder element attack power.

Tremor Resistance

Water Attack: Increases water element attack power.

Weakness Exploit: Increased affinity on attacks that hit a monsters weak spot.

Wide-Range: Item effect can spread to nearby allies.


Where to Get Rarity 6 Decorations: These Decorations can drop from Tempered monster quests starting at Hunter Rank 14, with a small chance from quests below that.

Monster Hunter World's Diablos is Vulnerable to Paralysis

Rarity 7 Decorations/Jewels

Rarity Level 7 Decorations include those that are typically found on high rank armor sets. So skills like Attack Boost and Maximum Might are found in this category.

Agitator: Increases attack power and affinity when a monster is enraged.

Attack Boost: Increases attack power and affinity.

Blast Functionality: Adds blast to a weapon.

Elderseal Boost: Elder Dragons are less likely to use their enraged mode.

Guard: Reduces stamina usage and knockback chance when guarding.

Guard Up: Allows blocking of previously unblockable attacks.

Heroics: Increases attack and defense when heath is under 35%.

Latent Power: Temporarily increases affinity and reduces stamina depletion when active.

Maximum Might: Increases affinity when stamina is full.

Normal Shots: Increases attack power of normal ammo and arrows.

Paralysis Functionality: Adds paralysis to weapon.

Peak Performance: Increases attack power when health is full.

Power Prolonger: Lets charge weapons stay charged for longer.

Protective Polish: Weapon sharpness won’t decrease for a set time after sharpening.

Resentment: Increases attack power after taking damage that can be recovered.

Sleep Functionality: Adds sleep to weapon.

Special Ammo Boost: Increases the power of bowgun special ammo and Dragon Piercer.

Stamina Surge: Stamina recovers faster.

Where to Get Rarity 7 Decorations: Rarity 7 Decorations drop from Tempered Monster Quests that are Hunter Rank 30 or higher, with a small chance from below that.


Rarity 8 Decorations/Jewels

And finally, Rarity Level 8 Decorations give major damage boosts or they help increase the viability of the hunter.

Artillery: Strengthens explosive weapon attacks.

Bow Charge Plus: Increases maximum bow charge level by 1.

Capacity Boost: Gunlance or Charge Blade can hold an extra shell/phial.

Critical Boost: Increases the damage of critical hits.

Critical Draw: Increases affinity when performing draw attacks.

Focus: Weapons charge faster.

Free Element/Ammo Up: Unlocks the weapon’s hidden element and increases bow gun capacity.

Handicraft: Extends weapon sharpness but not past the maximum.

Marathon Runner: Slows down stamina use when running or dashing.

Mind Eye/Ballistic: Prevents deflects and ammo/arrows reach max power faster.

Mushroomancer: Eat mushrooms to gain their effects.

Piercing Shots: Increases attack power of piercing ammo or Dragon Piercer.

Spread/Power Shots: Increases the attack power of spread ammo or power shot arrows.

Where to Get Rarity 8 Decorations: Rarity 8 Decorations drop from Hunter Rank 50 quests with Tempered enemies, with a small chance from quests below that.

Monster Hunter World is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases this fall.