Monster Hunter World: 10 Crossover Monsters That Would Be Fun to See

monster hunter world 10 crossover monsters

Over the years, the Monster Hunter franchise has created plenty of creative, completely original monsters for players to hunt. The most recent entry in the series, Monster Hunter World, is no exception, offering players many new and returning monsters to battle it out with.

Besides hunting monsters, players also find themselves crafting new armor and weapons for their hunter and Palico. Sometimes this gear has included crossover items from other video games, with equipment based on Horizon: Zero DawnStreet FighterDevil May Cry, and Mega Man either on deck or already available.

Since hunting monsters is the main draw of Monster Hunter World, it would be fun to see Capcom add crossover monsters to the game as well, giving fans a chance to hunt down some of the most iconic beasts from fiction history. If Capcom did decide to start adding crossover monsters to Monster Hunter World, we think these 10 would be the most fun to see.

10 Balrog

balrog middle earth shadow of war

Out of all the terrifying creatures dreamed up by J.R.R. Tolkien, the Balrog is one of the most menacing. Balrogs are tall, shadowy monsters that use flaming swords and whips on anyone unlucky enough to cross their path. Perhaps the most famous Balrog in Middle-earth fiction is Durin's Bane, who is encountered by the Fellowship in The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring. This Balrog actually fights Gandalf the Grey, one of the most powerful wizards in Middle-earth, to the death. Considering this, the Balrog should pose a significant threat to any hunters in Monster Hunter World, though having Balrog-themed gear could make it worth the effort.

9 Behemoth

behemoth final fantasy 15

The Final Fantasy series has featured a wide variety of enemies and creatures over the years, but one of the most recognizable is the Behemoth. Usually depicted as a large, purple monster that looks like a mix between a lion, a dog, and a bull, Behemoths are sometimes used as late-game bosses in Final Fantasy titles. The beasts have appeared in nearly every main series Final Fantasy game to date, and many of the spinoffs as well. A fight against a Behemoth in Monster Hunter World would likely play out similarly to a battle against an Odogaron, but Behemoth variations like the King Behemoth, Dark Behemoth, and the bipedal, weapon-wielding Behemoths could add some variety to the hunts.

8 Clover

clover monster cloverfield

Not only could Monster Hunter World feature Clover, the creepy monster from the Cloverfield films that looks like a cross between a crab and a bat, but it could also feature its smaller "Parasite" monsters as well. Furthermore (spoilers ahead), the creatures seen in 10 Cloverfield Lane could also be used in a potential Clover hunt, similarly to how players encounter smaller Girros and Jagras in the base game. If the developers wanted to get really ambitious, they could also use the giant version of the monster that was seen at the very end of The Cloverfield Paradox, though it would need to be a multi-step battle like the fights against Zorah Magdaros.

7 Del Lago

del lago resident evil 4

Monster Hunter World may have left underwater hunts behind, but the addition of Del Lago could be the perfect excuse to bring the feature back. For those unfamiliar with the creature, Del Lago is one of the first bosses that Leon S. Kennedy comes across in Resident Evil 4. The Del Lago is the result of a salamander becoming infected by the Las Plagas parasite, which caused it to grow tremendously. Since Resident Evil is another Capcom franchise, the Del Lago actually stands a somewhat realistic chance of making its way to Monster Hunter World, if the developers ever decided to feature crossover monsters in the game.

6 Demogorgon

demogorgon stranger things

Stranger Things is a more recent pop culture phenomenon, with the TV show resulting in a number of other products, including plenty of merchandise, video game adaptations, and more. One of the main antagonists on the show is a monster called the Demogorgon, which is named after the Dungeons & Dragons villain. The Demogorgon starts life as a small, relatively harmless slug-like creature, until eventually transforming into something that moves more like a dog or a wolf. Eventually, it becomes a powerful, bipedal monster that possesses immense strength and armored skin resistant to bullets. The Demogorgon would put up quite the fight against the hunters in Monster Hunter World, but for an even greater challenge, Capcom could add season 2's Mind Flayer monster to the game instead.

5 Godzilla

godzilla 2014

There is a reason why Godzilla is called the King of the Monsters. Godzilla is a universally recognizable monster that is largely responsible for making kaiju films (movies featuring giant monsters) popular to begin with. Without Godzilla and the influence the creature had on Japanese culture, it's unlikely that the Monster Hunter games would even exist today, so it would be a dream come true to see the iconic monster make its way to Monster Hunter World. Godzilla's huge size means that the fight would need to play out like the Zorah Magdaros battle, but the giant lizard's special abilities and quirks should keep things interesting.

4 King Kong

king kong 2017

As it stands, there aren't any primates in Monster Hunter World, which is why King Kong would make a perfect fit. As a giant ape, King Kong could potentially deliver the strength of a monster on the level of the T-Rex-like Anjanath along with the agility associated with some of the smaller monsters in the game, which could make his hunt stand out from the pack. If Capcom doesn't decide to add any crossover monsters, though, it could always add some of the primate-like creatures that have been in past Monster Hunter games, like the Rajang, Congalala, or the Kecha Wacha.

3 Ralph

With Godzilla and King Kong already filling the giant lizard and ape slots on this list, Rampage's Lizzie and George would feel redundant. However, the giant wolf Ralph could make an interesting addition to Monster Hunter World, either as his original video game depiction or as the revamped version seen in the upcoming Rampage movie. If the developers decided to take inspiration from the Rampage film adaptation instead of the game, it would potentially allow Ralph to have more abilities, including the ability to glide, not unlike the Tobi-Kadachi monster already in Monster Hunter World.

2 Ridley

super smash bros nintendo switch ridley

Ridley was originally meant to be included in the Super Smash Bros. series, but Masahiro Sakurai felt the character was too large to be on the roster. However, Ridley would fit right in with the other monsters in Monster Hunter World. We imagine a battle with Ridley would play out similarly to the hunts against the Rathalos or the Rathians, as those are also dragon-like creatures. If a Nintendo Switch port of Monster Hunter World winds up being made, as Iron Galaxy Studios has offered to do, Ridley would be the perfect console-exclusive crossover monster to help promote that version of the game.

1 Xenomorph Queen

xenomorph queen aliens

While the regular Xenomorphs are some of the deadliest creatures we've ever seen in cinema, the Xenomorph Queen poses an even bigger threat. Much larger than her children, the Xenomorph Queen births the eggs from which the Xenomorph "drones" are born, and those are already powerful enough to wipe out entire space stations. The Xenomorph Queen could present a unique challenge to Monster Hunter World, and her addition could come with the drones, facehuggers, and more to really spice up the enemy types in the game.

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These 10 crossover monsters would be a blast to hunt in Monster Hunter World, but it would also be interesting to see creatures from mythology and folklore added to the game as well. Legendary monsters like the kraken or the Loch Ness Monster come to mind, but players could also duke it out with a cyclops or a hydra. Of course, as fun as it would be to hunt crossover monsters in the game, Capcom may decide to keep its post-launch monster additions to Monster Hunter World limited to returning beasts like the Deviljho or decide to create brand new monsters entirely.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One with a PC release planned for later this year.

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