In regards to acquiring loot, there has been an ongoing debate in Monster Hunter World on whether it is better to to capture a monster or carve it. Now, thanks to the official guide books being released in Japan, we have a clearer understanding of how to best get the loot we desire.

Drop Rates

The drop rates are really at the heart of this debate. If one method yields better chances at rare items, then it should be the one hunters use when farming. It’s easy to imagine that killing would logically provide better loot, as hunters are literally carving off pieces of the beast. However, the guide books states that the drop items and their rates are identical, and players have exactly the same chances at loot regardless of the method they choose. So, what it comes down to are the individual benefits of each.

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Carving A Monster

Let’s begin with the advantages and disadvantages of carving a monster in Monster Hunter World. If slaying a beast is the route you’ve chosen, then you’ll have more time to break its parts. Often, breaking off parts of a monster is the best way to obtain specific and rare materials. Of course, this means you’ll have to actually break said parts, which can be difficult to do, as it takes a certain amount of accuracy to perform.

If you’re hunting with a group, the other members may be more hellbent on taking down the monster than targeting its parts. This can leave hunters with less time and fewer opportunities to focus on specific sections of the monster. However, after killing a monster, hunters are allowed a 60 second window to carve and pick up any parts laying about. If there is a severed tail to loot, this extra time is sorely needed, especially if a player needs to hoof it back to another area of the map.

One major benefit to killing a monster is that hunters don’t need to be as prepared. When slaying a monster, that is the only goal, and it can be done by any means necessary. There’s no need to slow the pace of a hunt in order to lay traps. Just take it down. The simplicity and straightforwardness can make this method more enjoyable for some hunters.

Capturing A Monster

When choosing to capture a monster, a hunter must come prepared. This means they are required to have some kind of trap in tow, as well as additional items like tranquilizer bombs. However, this method takes less time and is a faster way to farm specific monsters.
Hunters can capture a monster when it is at 30% health or below, which means they are spending less time chasing after a monster to slay it. Additionally, once the beast is apprehended, the quest ends in 20 seconds instead of 60. This can be good if saving time is a goal, but frustrating if there are broken parts to collect and tails to carve.

The major benefit of capturing is that monsters will yield more items than they will for carving. Hunters will receive 4-5 items for capturing, compared to the 3 for carving. Also, for especially difficult monsters, it is sometimes easier for hunters to end the fight prematurely with a capture. This way they don’t risk failing a quest near its end and missing out on rewards entirely.

The Verdict

Both carving and capturing have their advantages, but in the end it’s really up to the hunter. If specific parts are their goal, then killing a monster will allow more time to focus and target those parts. If saving time is paramount, then capturing will help expedite the farming process and yield slightly more rewards upon completion.

It will benefit hunters in a group to communicate their desires, letting the other players know that they are looking for a specific part. If the others are looking for the same thing or don’t mind helping out, they may change their tactics to lend a hand. Otherwise, it might be wiser to go at a hunt solo, taking all the time you need to accomplish the task.

If monster parts aren’t nearly as big of a concern as finding tempered monsters, then check out our guide on tempered investigation farming and start searching for the game’s most fearsome beasts.

Monster Hunter World is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases later this fall.