Monster Hunter World players are never short of objectives to tackle, which is one of the game’s biggest selling points (and part of the reason for its positive reviews). For hunters who want to earn some bonuses, this list of the best mantles and how to earn each one is definitely worth tackling.

For the uninformed, mantles are cloaks that players can wear in Monster Hunter World to earn temporary bonuses that give the hunter an advantage while preparing to take down a creature. There are lots of great mantles in the game, but these are the ones we recommend unlocking and putting to use:

Status+ Mantle

Use: Increases status accumulation for a short time.

Unlock: To earn this mantle, players need to fully research 10 monsters.

Immunity Mantle

Use: Removes & Nullifies abnormal status effects for the duration of the mantle

Unlock: To earn this mantle, players need to fully research 15 monsters.

How to get the Impact and Apothecary Mantles

KO Mantle

Use: Adds exhaust/stun to attacks, and improves weapons that already exhaust/stun.

Unlock: Players need to hunt five unique threat level 1 tempered monsters (Pukei, Anja, Tobi, Barroth, Rathian, Radobaan, Paolumu, etc) to unlock this mantle.

Evasion Mantle

Use: Increases evasion window, grants increased attack when evading at the last second.

Unlock: Players need to hunt five unique tempered threat level 2 monsters (Bazel, Rathalos, Odogaron, Diablos, Black Diablos, Legiana, Urugaan, etc) to unlock this one.

Rocksteady Mantle

Use: Provides HG earplugs, tremor/wind res, prevents flinching.

Unlock: Players need to hunt three Unique tempered elder dragons to unlock this one.


Doesn’t sound so hard when it’s spelled out like that, right? In all seriousness, it is a lot of work to unlock all of these mantles, but the rewards are definitely worth the effort. Be sure to check out our other Monster Hunter World strategy guides for more tips.

Happy hunting!

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release planned for later this year.

Source: Reddit