Monster Hunter World may be more accessible to newcomers of the series, but the game is still a challenge to master. With a ton of tutorials to sift through and many different gameplay features to keep in mind, many players may overlook ways they can better their performance in Monster Hunter World.

Luckily for Monster Hunter World players who are struggling with a specific hunt or who are just looking to make their hunters as efficient as possible, there are a number of armor and damage buff items that can be used in tandem to give serious performance boosts.

As explained by Arekkz Gaming, the best damage buff items to use during a hunt are the Mega Demon Juice, the Might Seed, and the Demon Powder. The Mega Demon Juice will give players an attack boost that lasts until they die or complete the quest they’re on, whereas the Might Seed and Demon Powder last three minutes each. Considering this, players will want to hold off on using the Might Seed or Demon Powder until the fight actually begins. Regular Demon Juice can be substituted for Mega Demon Juice, though it won’t give players as significant of a raw damage increase.

When attacking sleeping monsters or preparing to deal burst damage, players may want to consider subbing out the Might Seed for the Might Pill. The Might Pill offers a much greater damage increase, but it only lasts 30 seconds compared to the three minutes players will enjoy the benefits of the Might Seed.

Armor buff items are a bit more straightforward. Basically, when it comes to buffing one’s defense in a hunt, players will want to use the Adamant Seed, Mega Armorskin, and the Armorskin Powder.

Players can increase their stats even further by having the best decorations equipped as well as by possessing charms and taloncharms. Once players are properly equipped with these buff items, they should be able to maximize their hunter’s potential in each hunt and greatly increase their odds of being successful.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PS4 and Xbox One, with a PC release planned for later this year.