Monster Hunter World Squad Beats Extreme Behemoth in Under Five Minutes


As many Monster Hunter World fans would likely agree, Capcom's addition of Final Fantasy's Behemoth to the action-RPG has given dedicated players a daunting challenge in defeating the gigantic canine-esque beast. That said, though, while lots of would-be hunters will surely attest to encountering myriad difficulties while taking on the standard iteration of the creature, an intrepid squad decided to increase the stress by fighting the hardest version of the monster–that is, "Extreme" Behemoth–and they managed to beat it in under five minutes.

As seen in the video below from the YouTuber simply known as "Catherine", a team of four Monster Hunter World players begin their assault on Behemoth by using Heavy Bowguns to blast the beast with explosives. This is a potent plan to chip away at the monster's health, but what helps the squad out most is their use of special ammo to put the ginormous Final Fantasy creature to sleep, as it takes extra damage when it is woken up from its slumber.

About halfway through the battle, the Monster Hunter World squad heads back to camp to stock up on more gear in order to finally best Extreme Behemoth once and for all, with the players officially taking down the creature in 4 minutes and 23 seconds. While this particular strategy proved to be effective for Catherine and the rest of her team, casual fans may simply need some pointers beating the normal version of the monster.

All things considered, with Behemoth arguably being the toughest fight in Monster Hunter World at the moment, it will be interesting to see if Capcom decides to incorporate an even more difficult creature down the line. Until then, though, players looking to test their mettle will have to settle for Extreme Behemoth if they want a true challenge.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Catherine – YouTube (via Kotaku)

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