As players make their way through Monster Hunter World they will face off against plenty of formidable foes. It starts early with a showdown with an Anjanath and only gets more difficult as Diablos, Nergigante, and eventually the Elder Dragons enter the picture. But one of the biggest roadblocks for Monster Hunter World players is likely Kirin.

While Kirin is classified as an Elder Dragon, it is actually a smaller monster compared to the likes of Kushala Daora or Vaal Hazak. In fact, it is not a dragon at all, but looks more like a lightning unicorn. Nevertheless, Kirin should not be underestimated, even more so a tempered version.

Unfortunately, if players want to ascend up the Hunter Ranks they will need to face off with and defeat a tempered Kirin. At Hunter Rank 49 a quest called Thunderous Rumble in the Highlands will unlock and the only way to get past 49 is to defeat tempered Kirin. Easier said than done.

The Best Weapons and Gear for Tempered Kirin

Preparation is everything when it comes to fighting tempered Kirin, so be sure to tailor your build towards the monster’s weakness. Fire elemental damage is going to be your best bet, with any fast weapon that offers plenty of opportunities to dodge. Slower weapons are still viable, but players will need to know going in that the fight is about getting in, doing damage, and then getting out quickly. Ranged weapons are also really strong for the tempered Kirin fight.

monster hunter kirin

As far as gear goes, anything with lightning resistance, paralysis resistance, and stun resistance is going to help tremendously. The Thunder Mantle will also help for its duration, so bring that along with either a Vitality Mantle or a health booster.

With all of the proper preparations for gear and a weapon, players will want to stack as many buffs as possible. We recommend eating for Elemental Resistance (L) at the canteen and then drinking a Mega Armorskin and a Mega Demondrug. Also, it’s best to increase your health as much as possible, either through Mushroomancer or by eating a Max Potion.

Kirin Weak Points

The fight itself is all about being patient and choosing when to do damage carefully. Kirin’s weak point is its horn, but getting right in the monster’s face is very risky. You never want to get too deep into a combo because an attack is usually right around the corner and they can hurt.

kirin weak points

Hitting Kirin in the sides and back will still do damage, but not nearly as much as the horn. Either way, be patient and don’t get too greedy and watch for Kirin’s attack animations.

Kirin’s Attacks

Kirin’s attacks are very hard to predict and they all involve devastating lightning. When not enraged, Kirin will call down lightning from the sky at specific points, usually in close proximity to its body. Sometimes the lightning strikes hail down directly in front of Kirin and other times they will appear in random spots around its body.

On top of that, at random times Kirin will place long strips of electrified air around the battlefield, which will then turn into horizontal lightning bolts. Trust us when we say you do not want to be caught in the electrified strips when they go off, as the blast is capable of killing any hunter in one fell swoop.

Ultimately, players will just need to stay patient and watch out of potential lightning strikes at a moment’s notice. Also avoid getting too close to Kirin, as it can knock the player with a charge or a heel kick and stun them. Usually when a player is stunned a lightning attack is not far behind and then it is back to camp for them.

When Kirin enrages it becomes a whole different fight, as its attacks become more unpredictable and its hide becomes a lot stronger. Basically, any attack that doesn’t directly strike its horn will bounce while still doing a little damage.


This is likely when the team or solo player will be the most vulnerable since they want to do damage but it’s hard to avoid getting struck by the lightning. Chances are you will get stunned or paralyzed and lightning will strike you, so it is very important to have full health at all times. Going from 150 to 0 can happen in a flash, literally.

Eventually, Kirin should retire to sleep when weakened so make sure to wake it with the most sleep damage possible. Mega Barrel Bombs should be placed all around Kirin’s face to do max damage and to potentially break its horn. Then it’s all about surviving for that last little bit of health, which is easier said than done in a more confined area.

Once Kirin does fall, players will unlock the ability to earn experience to Hunter Rank 50 and beyond. Now every successful hunt will give experience and there are no more caps. There are, however, tempered investigations designed for HR 100+ players.

Monster Hunter World is out now for PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version releases this fall.