Monster Hunter World Adds Even Harder Version of Kirin


It's only been a week since Capcom introduced Lunastra to Monster Hunter World and they're already back with another addition that's certain to please the game's hardcore fans. This latest minor update offer players a new quest to run, the game's first set of "gamma" armor, and the very first "Arch-Tempered" version of an existing monster, which just so happens to be everyone's favorite electric unicorn, Kirin.

Monster Hunter World's newest quest, "A Whisper of White Mane," went live today at 6pm PT. Taking it on means coming face to face with an even more unforgiving version of Kirin, a monster which is already infamous for its tendency to harshly punish careless hunters. The minimum level required to confront him is Hunter level 50, but it should go without saying that relying on one's level alone will not be enough to survive the encounter. For those who do somehow manage to survive and triumph over the deadly elder dragon, the rewards can be great indeed.

With the introduction of Arch-Tempered Kirin, players now have the opportunity to gather the ingredients necessary to forge the first set of armor belonging to the newly introduced "gamma" tier. As the event has only just gone live, details about this armor are still scarce, but one can imagine the kinds of possibilities it will make available to those skilled enough to claim it.

While this certainly isn't something on the same level as last month's Street Fighter crossover, one has to commend Capcom for the dedication they're showing to Monster Hunter World. They've practically showered the game in events and updates since it released back in January, and the result is a game that has grown more than anyone could have expected.

Thanks in large part to Monster Hunter World's success, Capcom is currently in the midst of the most profitable period it's ever had. It's not the only factor to the company's current success, but they certainly wouldn't be where they are now without it. One can't help but wonder if this same level of success would have been reached had Capcom followed the example of so many other major publishers and chosen to release the game in an unfinished, cash shop-centric state. It's probably safe to say that they wouldn't.

Monster Hunter World is available now for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a PC release set for some time in fall 2018.

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