With Capcom having unveiled Monster Hunter: World by way of its first trailer during Sony’s E3 2017 press conference, fans of the action-RPG franchise have understandably been excited to see the forthcoming title release for current generation platforms. Now, in order to give would-be Hunters an even better idea of what kind of content the game will contain, the publisher and developer has released nearly 23 minutes of guided gameplay footage detailing the title’s Ancient Forest area.

As seen below in the rather lengthy video for Monster Hunter: World, a significant amount of different creatures and features seem to be present in the New World – that is, the game’s new continent – as fans are given a look at beasts such as the Anjanath, Great Jagras, and Rathalos during this particular hunt. Without a doubt, the final version of the title will contain a plethora of different monsters in the game’s various environments.

Of course, tracking is an important aspect of Monster Hunter: World, and players are assisted in their quests to find creatures by the direction of glowing insects called “scout flies” that point them toward the monster’s trail. When the swarm of bugs get denser, it means that Hunters have gotten extremely close to their target.

During the guided gameplay session above, it’s also revealed that Monster Hunter: World introduces creatures with the ability to see, smell, and hear players, so stealth is an important aspect of getting the upper hand while trying to take them down. In order to be a discreet and silent Hunter, players can hide in the brush, wear a ghillie suit to camouflage themselves, or use items called Slingers to lure monsters into environmental hazard traps or have them fight other creatures so as to avoid having to do battle with them at full health.

Based on this latest video and previous pieces of gameplay video, it looks as if gamers on current generation platforms will be sinking loads of hours into Monster Hunter: World when it releases next year. So far, the forthcoming title seems to be the most sizable entry in the franchise yet, as the huge Ancient Forest is surely just one location of many other giant spots in the title.

Monster Hunter: World is set to release sometime in early 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Monster Hunter – YouTube