North American gamers are still waiting for the 3DS version of Monster Hunter Tri, but that hasn’t stopped Capcom from providing fans with details on the fourth version of the beloved monster hunting franchise. The Felyn is finally out of the bag, and Capcom has unleashed a brand new teaser trailer for Monster Hunter 4. If the idea of more Monster Hunter on the 3DS gets gamers enthused, then the latest teaser for MH4 will have them ready to slay real dragons just to get their hands on it.

During Capcom’s annual Summer Jam event in Odaiba, the developer gave fans a much desired update on the numbered follow-up to Tri. It’s based on the footage that was shown off back in September, and a few moments within the teaser look like they were taken directly from scenes in the debut trailer.

Despite being almost identical to last year’s trailer however, the new video confirms that Monster Hunter 4 will look incredible. Capcom seems to be pushing the graphical capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS as far as they can on this project, and the end result is a very solid looking game that can hold its own against even the best looking titles currently available on the hardware.

Monster Hunter 4 logo

There’s been a massive Monster Hunter drought outside of Japan, but that can be blamed on the lack of notoriety the franchise has overseas. Capcom has teased a possible North American release for Monster Hunter 3G in the past, but the handheld revamp has already been available in Japan for six months — with no indication that they have any localization plans for the game.

According to the end of the trailer, players who reside in Japan can expect Monster Hunter 4 to become available at some point in 2013.

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Source: Andriasang