'Monster Hunter 3G' Opening Cinematic and Demo Details

Monster Hunter 3G Opening Cinematic and Demo Details

The unveiling of Monster Hunter 3G at Nintendo's Pre-TGS press event prompted a massive turn-around of the system's fortunes in Japan. Announced along with the Circle Pad Pro, the new portable incarnation of Monster Hunter is exclusive to 3DS, giving Nintendo's handheld a significant advantage over Sony's upcoming Vita -- at least for Japanese gamers.

Two pieces of news put Monster Hunter 3G in the headlines today. First, the game's opening cinematic has made its way online. Second, a Monster Hunter 3G demo will soon be available to 3DS owners in Japan, though Nintendo's obtuse policies mean that the trial will be a limited experience in the strictest sense of the word.

Capcom's Monster Hunter games have long played host to extravagant opening cinematics, and the company has pulled out all the stops for Monster Hunter 3G. Granted, the rendered introduction is not entirely indicative of what the 3DS title will actually look like, but it manages to thoroughly capture the feeling of playing through the game.

Check out the Monster Hunter 3G opening cinematic below (thanks, CVG).

Impressive, huh? Curious parties should know that while the Circle Pad Pro was designed for Monster Hunter, it is not actually required to play 3G -- good news for all the Japanese gamers who are about to give the game's demo a try. Or thirty tries. But not one more than that.

When Nintendo announced that playable demos would soon be made available on the 3DS, the company promised that publishers would be able to enact a "limit on the number of trials" available to players. True to form, the roughly twenty minute Monster Hunter 3G trial is restricted to thirty sessions, after which the demo no longer functions.

Granted, most players would probably never complete thirty trips through a twenty minute demo. That said, the idea that demos become unplayable after a number of sessions is almost otherworldly in its strangeness, especially to players accustomed to the Xbox Live Marketplace and the PlayStation Store. Still, some demos are better than no demos, right?

Ranters, what do you think of the Monster Hunter 3G opening cinematic? Will you give the game a try if it comes to the West? What about Nintendo's demo policy? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Monster Hunter 3G releases December 10, 2011, for the 3DS in Japan only.


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Source: CVG, Kotaku

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