While North American gamers are still waiting on their killer app for the Nintendo 3DS, Japanese gamers clearly had theirs unveiled during Nintendo’s TGS Event. Despite no new software releases during the past week, the 3DS’ sales figures actually recorded an uptick reportedly because of the reveal of not one but two Monster Hunter titles for the handheld.

Even though Monster Hunter Tri G and Monster Hunter 4 will most likely fall under North American gamers’ radars, this particular franchise is a huge seller in Japan and can, singlehandedly, move some units. There were, of course other titles unveiled as in development for the 3DS, like a new Fire Emblem, but none would carry as much weight as a new Monster Hunter.

Eurogamer has the full Japanese hardware and software sales numbers, which includes an uptick for Nintendo’s other console, the Wii. Clearly, despite serious complaints from Nintendo fans in North America, Japanese gamers found a lot to enjoy from Tokyo Game Show (who’da thunk it?)

Here’s the full list of console sales:

  1. 3DS: 58,837 (Last week: 49,076)
  2. PlayStation 3: 36,061 (64,786)
  3. PSP: 25,122 (25,391)
  4. Wii: 15,406 (10,743)
  5. DSi XL: 2869 (2882)
  6. DSi: 2234 (1957)
  7. PlayStation 2: 1317 (1386)
  8. Xbox 360: 1295 (1219)
  9. DS Lite: 78 (51)
  10. PSP go: 7 (13)

Also revealed were the software sales for the Japanese market, but there are less surprises in that regard. Resistance 3 doesn’t seem to be performing as strongly as Sony might have hoped, but the game does have a more European/American inclination.

Apparently, Japanese gamers have a very different perspective on Nintendo and the 3DS — one that must have been waiting for a Monster Hunter announcement. Across the Pacific, though, gamers are looking for a little bit more from Nintendo. The reveal of the circle pad attachment showed that the company still doesn’t quite know what they want to do with the handheld, and with only Ocarina of Time (a 10+ year old game) as the standout thus far, many Nintendo fans have started questioning their loyalties.

Did the announcement of two new Monster Hunter titles convince you that the 3DS might be worth picking up? What titles do you think would have that same effect in North America?

Source: Eurogamer