It’s been an incredibly busy day for Nintendo fans. Not only were several big name franchises such as The Legend of Zelda announced for the Wii U, but a pair of new games were also shown off for the system. Monolith Soft‘s new game was highlighted in an absolutely terrific looking trailer, while the Big N revealed a crossover game being developed in partnership with Atlus that’ll blend the Shin-Megami Tensai and Fire Emblem franchises together — appropriately titled Shin-Megami Tensai X Fire Emblem.

Monolith Soft is known for its work on Xenoblade Chronicles, a game that struggled to reach North American shores, and gamers have been eagerly anticipating the arrival of any information on the developer’s next game. Fortunately it arrived during this morning’s Nintendo Direct in the form of a trailer, albeit with no official title and a giant ‘X’ that links it to the Xeno series.

The teaser didn’t reveal much about Monolith Soft’s new title, but the gorgeous visuals, massive worlds, and gigantic monsters helped paint a wonderful picture of what fans could expect from the finished product. Thanks largely in part to the mechs that the main protagonist can be seen utilizing, the game itself even seemed initially reminiscent of the Lost Planet franchise.

Atlus‘ Wii U game, Shin-Megami Tensai X Fire Emblem, was also revealed, although the teaser trailer doesn’t indicate that the game has progressed that far along in its development cycle. It’s hard to say what the crossover will play like — especially when taking into account the different styles that each series has — but the end result should be something that appeals to fans of both games.

Both Monolith Soft and Atlus should reach their intended audiences on the Wii U, but it’ll be interesting to see how both games pan out. They appear as if they’ll do quite well in Japan, anyway, so at least the Big N can bank on their performances on native soil. Whether or not it’ll mimic that success across the global marketplace is still to be determined, but Nintendo has presented itself as keen to appeal to a variety of different niches with the Wii U.

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