Monday Night Combat Debut Trailer

Critics have had their chance to rave for the game, expect Game Rant's review later today, and now it is your chance to check it out too. A Defense of the Ancients game doubling as a third person shooter... sounds complex and difficult to control, but, magnificently it ends up not being hard to work at all. I tell you this, because after I told you it was at 64% I waited for a few minutes to continue writing this article. Just for you. Runs smooth as silk and is ridiculously fun.

Take a look at the first peak, it made me want to buy it, and I think it just may sway you to do the same:


The trailer is jam-packed full of action shots that make you think that it looks like they are just trying to make it look good when it is just a repetitive boring game, but with the online play, upgrades, customization and different classes you just don't get bored. It is a fantastic game for the price that you pay for it, and it will keep you occupied on your cold lonely nights when all you want to do is settle down into your favorite spot in front of the television and blow some shit up. I mean, really, who can ask for more than that?

Any of you planning on grabbing a copy of Monday Night Combat? Or anyone who already as it want to add some more? Let us know what YOU think of it.

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