Over the past few months, indie games have taken hold of the gaming industry like never before. No game has gained such wide appeal in as short a time as Minecraft though. Playing on a universal love of exploring and building, Minecraft gives players the freedom to do whatever they please in their own little world. With constant updates that consistently bring forth new gameplay elements like weather effects and achievements in the recent 1.5 update, it’s no surprise that the game has reached two million sales. Plus, with the recent addition of a demo, would-be explorers no longer have a reason to put off trying the game out.

All is not diamond blocks and lapis lazuli in the world of Minecraft though. While the number of authentic accounts in the game greatly outnumbers that of unauthorized accounts, it seems that it is still enough of a problem that Minecraft developer Mojang has put out a statement to all of the people who have been selling unauthorized accounts on the internet.

“As you may understand we cannot support people who purchase Minecraft from other sites than www.minecraft.net. The stolen codes will be inactivated in a given time.”

With piracy becoming more and more prevalent in gaming as time goes on, it’s no surprise that indie developers are also being affected by the illegal activity. It is for this reason that it makes sense for Mojang to begin shutting down unauthorized Minecraft accounts. Sadly, many innocent gamers may also be hurt by this move just because they didn’t buy the game directly from Mojang, but because their copies of the game are not authentic, it is impossible for Mojang to further support them.

The only proper way to buy the game is through the official website, and to help gamers with this, Mojang is planning on making this process easier for gamers by “integrating lots of new payment options.” This should make it so that no one has an excuse to not purchase the game directly from the developer.

What are your thoughts on this incredibly popular indie game? Do you see the hype dying down any time soon?

Minecraft is out now for PC and Mac.

Source: Mojang

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