Not long after MOGA entered the portable gaming accessory fight with last year’s Pocket Controller (read our review here), they’re back with an even bigger model. But does the MOGA Pro Controller exceed the expectations of its predecessor, or fall short?

The good news first: it’s already clear that the designer behind both the MOGA Pocket and Pro controller know what they’re doing, and who to target. The smaller, more portable controller offered a well-built and sturdy gaming interface for owners of Android devices, hile the only drawback was the relatively small scale which, for some games, felt too small.

Enter the Pro Controller; clearly modelled after Microsoft’s Xbox 360 controller, the new Android accessory once again delivers a satisfying peripheral for a price that’s hard to scoff at. Following the basic layout of the previous controller – with a phone/tablet clip pivoting out from the center – the Pro Controller improves the offering from a simple pair of analog sliders to twin sticks.

MOGA Pro Controller Reviews

From there the Pro Controller follows the Xbox 360 layout of D-Pad and face buttons, all designed to be as responsive as would be hoped, with the rubberized grips adding to the overall comfort for longer playing sessions. The devil is in the details, from triggers that feel neither mushy or analog, and adjustable orange back-lighting for the face buttons, and it’s clear that no corners were cut in design.

Surprisingly, the controller is light enough to remain balanced when attached to an Android device (for instance, a Samsung Galaxy S4 or Galaxy Note II). For larger Android tablets the Pro Controller comes packaged with an additional stand.

As was the case with the Pocket Controller, the only downside to the Pro is the less-than-streamlined user experience for newcomers, while more experienced gamers or gadget-heads will be able to utilize both the accompanying MOGA app and customize button inputs. iOS fans will be disappointed to hear that Apple devices are still not supported, which is a shame – since the Pro would quickly be one of the best mobile controllers for any consumer – but for Android users, the news is all good.

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The selection of supported games has expanded from 40 titles to over 60, and like much of the games found on the Android marketplace, those available range from carbon copies of major console titles to truly promising portable racers and action games. Regardless, the MOGA Pro Controller is never going to disappoint from a technical standpoint. For anyone who considered purchasing the previous Pocket peripheral, or found it satisfactory when they did, the Pro Controller is a no-brainer.

The MOGA Pro Controller is available now for a MSRP of $49.99. Check out the catalogue of supported games and order one yourself from their website.

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