Rumor Patrol: Is a Modern Warfare Trilogy Planned?

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An image of a listing on Amazon for a Call of Duty: Modern Warfare trilogy remastered collection may indicate that Activision has a major surprise up its sleeve.

While yearly releases of the Call of Duty series are pretty much a guarantee at this point, the Modern Warfare iteration of the series has gone stagnant. The last entry to the subseries, Modern Warfare 3, was released back in 2011, and nothing has emerged about the possibility of a Modern Warfare 4 except for rumors. However, that doesn't mean that Activision has entirely given up on the subset of the franchise, as a new rumor has come to light which may indicate that a remastered trilogy collection is on its way.

Images surfaced today of two supposed listings on Amazon for a Modern Warfare remastered trilogy, which have since disappeared from the store. The listings had no images, a 2016 release date, and were supposedly published by Activision Classics, which is not a moniker that the company has used before. However, no one has posted any pictures of the listing in full, rather than just the search results page, and one of the listings contains a typo, which makes it seem a little unlikely that it's a legitimate leak by Amazon.

call of duty amazon modern warfare trilogy leak

There's a strong likelihood that the image has either been manipulated or that an individual seller attempted to add a product under that name to Amazon's storefront. This could also explain why it's disappeared, as Amazon may have decided it was a fraudulent listing and removed it. However, a recent announcement from the official Activision Twitter that hints at Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare getting remastered could potentially indicate that there's something more to this rumor. The CEO of Activision also previously stated that Call of Duty remasters were under consideration, and he particularly seemed interested in Modern Warfare.

If Activision is actually gearing up to release of a trilogy Modern Warfare collection, that could indicate that Modern Warfare 4 could finally be on its way. In any case, whether this rumor is substantiated or not, gamers probably shouldn't expect to hear anything official from Activision on a Modern Warfare HD trilogy remaster project for a while yet. While Activision won't have its own booth at E3 2016, it will still be showing the next Call of Duty game there, so that's probably the most likely time for a new Modern Warfare to be officially announced.

Ranters, do you think there's any truth to the so-called Modern Warfare remastered trilogy leak? Let us know in the comments.

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