Modern Warfare Remastered Reveals St. Patrick's Day Event

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered kicked off its first seasonal event today, dubbed Operation: Shamrock & Awe. The limited-time event will run from today through April 2nd, and will give Modern Warfare Remastered players a chance to earn St. Patrick’s Day-themed in-game rewards.

Operation: Shamrock & Awe will bring a handful of new features to Modern Warfare Remastered during the event. Players will enjoy an updated map, free weekly Supply Drops, a chance to receive two free camos, and more.

The new map is a reworking of the well-known Downpour map. However, rather than facing off in a battle-worn town, the map has been updated with a bit of St. Patrick’s Day flair. The new map, called Daybreak, is lush, green and “filled with St. Paddy’s décor and a rainbow, naturally.”

Operation: Shamrock & Awe will deliver a free Supply Drop each week for Modern Warfare Remastered players. However, these won’t be the normal run-of-the-mill Supply Drops. Instead, players will receive a unique, green Supply Drop celebrating the event.

Activision noted on its blog that in order for players to obtain their Supply Drops, they’ll need to log in and grab them each week. Since the Supply Drops won’t stack, any drops players miss will be lost forever.

Players will also be tasked with completing certain objectives in Modern Warfare Remastered that will reward them with unique camos and in-game weapons and items. Three special themed collections will reward players with reticles, camos, calling cards, and emblems. Players who complete all three sets will unlock a special character, Darren “Graves” Cosgrave, the master of the Depot, to use in-game. Once the event ends, however, Cosgrave will no longer be available.

darren cosgrave modern warfare

It will be interesting to see how the St. Patrick’s Day event is received by players. After the announcement of microtransactions, and more recently a Premium DLC, for Modern Warfare Remastered, it’ll be a nice change for players to have a freely-provided experience in the game. If Operation: Shamrock & Awe turns out to be a success, hopefully Activision will conduct additional events in the future.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is currently available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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