Chalk one win up to Modern Warfare 3 in the ongoing battle between it and its modern FPS competition, Battlefield 3, as the once fake site finally redirects to the official MW3 site.

Starting first as an anti-Call of Duty fan site, and then blossoming into a Battlefield 3 official site redirect, the URL has been quite the headache for Activision. But, putting words into action, Activision was able to not only have the fake site brought down, but also earned the right to use the URL as they see fit (which we now know is to direct viewers to the official site).

While this isn’t a particularly harsh blow to Battlefield 3 or its fan base, it is surprising to see Activision move so swiftly against free marketing for their competition, on their property’s behalf. Most figured that the site would simply be hit with a cease and desist, and that would be the end of it.

Perhaps this was Activision’s way of bypassing the mud slinging that has gone on with EA’s Riccitiello, and putting their actions before their words. Either way, the statement has been made, and by this time next month no one will even care that once sent them to the official Battlefield 3 site.

With both games set to release in under a month it’s time to let the most important part of this competition, the games, do the talking. We’ve already had substantial tastes of both title’s multiplayer offerings (Battlefield 3 in beta form and Modern Warfare 3 at Call of Duty XP), but the single player elements have only be detailed in trailer form. Who will win out in the end isn’t important, what is important is that both developers put out a product that is well worth the price tag and the time commitment.

What do you think of this whole redirect situation? Will we ever see the day where Battlefield and Call of Duty peacefully co-exist.

Modern Warfare 3 releases November 8, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PC, and PS3.

Source: Fusible