Latest 'Modern Warfare 3' Trailer Features Sam Worthington & Jonah Hill

The Vet and The Noob MW3 Trailer

While Modern Warfare 3 may be the eighth game in the core franchise, it will still be the first Call of Duty game for many players, which of course means plenty of cannon fodder for veterans. But in the latest live action Modern Warfare 3 trailer, Activision shows us why being nice to a noob just may be the right thing to do.

The trailer features a star studded cast consisting of Sam Worthington, Jonah Hill and Dwight Howard. Jonah Hill, being the noob in this particular situation pulls all of the tricks in book, including firing an RPG at an enemy only a few feet away. The trailer is sure to elicit a chuckle to anyone familiar with the Call of Duty franchise, especially those of us stuck spectating an inexperienced player during Hardcore Search and Destroy...

Being live action of course, it's easy to say that the trailer looks great, but it is clear that Activision put quite a large amount of funding into it. Everything looks very realistic, and it's nice to see that Activision isn't just cutting corners, even though there game is expected to be the biggest title of the year.

Check out the trailer for yourself:


Live action trailers aren't a first for Call of Duty games, 2010's Black Ops launched alongside an equally hilarious and start studded commercial, which also kicked off the "there's a soldier in all of us" mantra that has begun to accompany the most recent iterations of Activision's flag ship shooter.

What's great about this trailer is that it's just very fun, and anyone who has played a Call of Duty game in the past couple of years will be able to relate.

Modern Warfare 3 releases November 8th, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, PC, Wii and DS.


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