The ever teased but never announced Terminal redux for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has finally been confirmed for Activsion’s hugely popular multiplayer shooter. While first hints towards Terminal’s re-release in Infinity Ward‘s title had surfaced a few months ago, many a DLC release date went by without any mention.

There was even some pretty substantial building that suggested Terminal and Rust, another map classic map from Modern Warfare 2‘s past, were going to be included as part of a Content Drop — the pre-determined DLC releases set forth by Call of Duty Elite — but that release came and went without any mention of Terminal. Clearly the desire to bring classic maps into Modern Warfare 3 was there, but no traction was being made on getting them released.

Now, however, Infinity Ward’s Mark Rubin has confirmed that Terminal is on its way to Modern Warfare 3, but it won’t be significantly upgraded or retooled. Rather this is just a chance for Modern Warfare 3 players to experience one of MW2‘s classic maps. Obviously Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer have their hands full crafting new Spec Ops and multiplayer maps for the game, but it would have been nice to see a Modern Warfare 3 interpretation of Terminal.

Rubin couldn’t give a release date for Terminal, but said that a release date should be announced within the week. Along with that he confirmed that the multiplayer map would be free of charge, and exist outside of the Call of Duty Elite subscription model. In all reality, Terminal could be released as a title update or patch, and not have to be a fully-fledged DLC release.

At this time the map is going through certification, and then should hit the Xbox 360 first (Activision must still adhere to their DLC exclusivity deal with Microsoft) and then make its way, most likely a month later, to the other platforms. It’s been a long time coming for this classic map, and we along with Rubin hope that it paves the way for future classic arenas to be released.

Are you excited to hear that Terminal will finally be releasing for Modern Warfare 3? What other classic maps from Infinity Ward’s past should make an appearance?

Source: Mark Rubin (via MP1st)