If you haven’t heard, it’s the unofficial Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 reveal day. We already covered some of the story and character details of this year’s Call of Duty, as well as the game’s multiplayer maps and Spec Ops modes, and now we’re going to delve into spoiler territory to explore the story of Modern Warfare 3, from beginning to end.

All of this information comes from Kotaku’s reliable sources who have an abundance of images and audio from the game, including the Modern Warfare 3 box cover art and logo. They put together a detailed description of the game, but kept some of the larger spoilers hidden. I’ve done my best to main the chronology of the events, so read ahead to see how the single player missions of Modern Warfare 3 will play out.

*** Warning: This is entirely full of spoilers. ***

The Introduction

The game picks up exactly where Modern Warfare 2 ends. After dispatching the treacherous Shepherd, Captain John “Soap” MacTavish, Captain John Price and Russian informant Nikolai are on the run and head to a safehouse in India. It doesn’t take long for series antagonist Makarov to locate them and the fight begins as you take on the role of new character Yuri, one of Nikolai’s men (He’s one of the main characters of Modern Warfare 3).

Red Dawn

The next part of the game shifts players to U.S. soil as Manhattan is under attack by Russian ships. Famous aircraft carrier, the U.S.S. Intrepid, is destroyed and Delta Force is called in to help in the defense. Players again take on another new character, codenamed Frost, under the command of Sandman. A lot happens here, ranging from attacking the New York Stock Exchange to infiltrating a submarine.

Frost and Sandman in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

Frost and Sandman

Time Travel

After these sections of the game, the story skips ahead six months in time, taking on the role of a Russian agent traveling with the Russian President on his travels to the U.S. to sign a peace treaty. That’s not allowed in Call of Duty and they are attacked, resulting in the kidnapping of the president by Makarov.

African Safari

Price, Soap and new guy Yuri are on the hunt for Makarov in Africa and come across an arms dealer who reveals that Makarov is seeking out chemical weapons. They head out to stop the shipment.


Players play as a fourth new character, an SAS member, who must stop a different shipment of weapons at the London docks. In the end of this mission, a chemical weapon goes off at Parliament and in several other cities and bases. World War III has practically begun and Russia seeks to invade Europe.

That Lying Arms Dealer

Price, Soap and Yuri weren’t given “accurate” info from that Arms dealer in Africa so after finding him and interrogating him, they get some good info and head to Paris to find Makarov’s trusted lieutenant, Volk.

World War III

If the story wasn’t confusing or scattered enough for you, Modern Warfare 3 then heads to Germany so players can play with tanks, attempting to hold off the Russian invasion. Meanwhile, everyone else is now in Paris hunting Volk. There’s an AC-130 mission somewhere in there too where Frost is on the ground.

Find Makarov

Delta Force & Frost get Volk to give up the location (a hotel in Prague) of Makarov and the chase begins with Soap, Price and Yuri on the hunt. Makarov gets away so Yuri later infiltrates his base in the Czech Republic. They find out Makarov has the Russian president and is closing in on his daughter so they head to Berlin to protect her, but fail.

Modern Warfare 3 Resistance

Prague Resistance


Frost and co. attack the Kremlin to free the hostages but they fail yet again to capture Makarov. This leads to the final mission in Dubai where, as Kotaku explains, Yuri, Price and Sandman assault his hotel and put an end to Makarov one and for all.

They also say there’s an end-credits level involving, “the burning of Washington, D. C.” As we mentioned up top, some of the key scenes and spoilers weren’t revealed here but being Call of Duty we can expect from key character deaths and horrifying in-game events. I noticed Soap and Frost weren’t mentioned as part of the final assault…

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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is expected to release on all major platforms on November 8, 2011.

Source: Kotaku