Modern Warfare 3 is constantly being compared to its big rival this fall Battlefield 3, which while a fair comparison to make, ignores the fact that it’s still a sequel that it really needs to outshine Modern Warfare 2. While the game is still planning on bringing back MW2’s unique style of action packed gameplay, it will also be bringing back the incredibly fun spec ops mode with a major overhaul over the last iteration.

Robert Bowling, former Community Manager (and now Creative Strategist) for Infinity Ward, has been busy as of late, sending out little bits of information regarding Modern Warfare 3 through his twitter account. The most recent updates have focused on the return of Spec Ops in Modern Warfare 3 and how Infinity Ward is planning on making it better than ever.

“Spec Ops in #MW3 is massive containing some of everything, from missions to survival mode using MP locations, SP locations, & more.”

News and details onĀ Modern Warfare 3’s survival mode have already been floating around, but news of its progression system that will likely work similar to multiplayer’s hasn’t.

“Spec Ops will have its own progressive ranking system allowing you to unlock weapons, gear, killstreaks.”

The question here is will Spec Ops become something that the casual gamer won’t be able to get into? Will certain killstreaks or gear be a pre-requisite to completing some of the tougher Spec Ops missions? I invested a lot of time into Spec Ops in Modern Warfare 2 but that was mostly because some of the missions were nearly impossible to beat, even with a partner.

On the topic of multiplayer in Modern Warfare 3, Bowling has repeatedly cautioned gamers to ignore any reports they have heard about the game’s multiplayer that didn’t outright come from him. Considering all of the earlier leaks came to fruition so far, it’s difficult just to throw what we hear away. Perhaps these comments were made to keep people from finding out about the now-confirmed subscription service Call of Duty Elite. But if the trailer for the service is a sign of what’s to come, we’re less than blown away.

In response to a fan’s tweet linking to an article about Modern Warfare 3’s new perks and killstreak rewards, Bowling labeled it as “pure speculation and rumor,” explaining that they’ve not shown the game’s multiplayer to any press yet. The killstreak rumors in particular were linked back to a forum post made many months back where a poster had listed them as his own ideas for what gamers would see in MW3. Someone failed in their basic research on the topic but some rumors, specifically regarding the map lists Kotaku reported are likely true, since they nailed the fact that there are two different Spec Ops modes.

Bowling made it clear that if it didn’t come directly from Infinity Ward since the original leak occurred then it’s likely not true or purely speculation. Most recently, Bowling announced that Modern Warfare 3 was going to include some, “insane moments” for fans to enjoy. It was also confirmed that co-op play was not going to be coming to the single player campaign something which Bowling also elaborated on through twitter.

“The single player campaign is designed to be a very cinematic experience, something we feel is lost when a second player joins.”

The single player campaign’s cinematic experience has no doubt been a big focus for Infinity Ward, especially since they intend on keeping it locked in at a minimum of 60 frames per second. This high framerate may cut into the overall graphical potential of the game, but with everything we’ve heard about the game’s intense style lately, we’ll be happy that we’re not missing any of the action when things are flying everywhere on the screen.

Source: fourzerotwo