Modern Warfare 3 is the talk of the town these days and gamers have been wondering what it’s going to be bringing to the table. Will it be a game with better pacing or will it maintain the non-stop action that has become a staple for the Call of Duty series? What about it’s new multiplayer features?

Activision held a UK press event where pres got to see a couple of MW3 levels and now gamers finally have some of the answers they’ve been looking for.

Two levels were previewed in this eyes-on look at Modern Warfare 3. One, titled Black Tuesday, took place in the war-battered streets of New York, and the other, titled Mind The Gap, takes place in a London Dockyard before taking players underground to fight in the London Subway system. The latter is likely to bring a bit of ire from the UK media because of the 2005 London bombings but as we know, Call of Duty is all about the controversy.

Black Tuesday makes a few things clear: For better or for worse, the Call of Duty formula of making sure you’re always at the edge of the seat hasn’t changed. This may disappoint some players who were expecting an experience with better pacing, but action junkies will no doubt rejoice at the retention of this style in Modern Warfare 3.

That isn’t to say that there won’t be slower periods in the game. Mind The Gap begins with a stealth mission which might remind people of the Cliffhanger level in Modern Warfare 2. In typical Modern Warfare fashion, the stealth mission returns to the run and gun gameplay when the protagonists are discovered and if this is any indication, MW3 will truly be a Call of Duty title in this respect.

Scripted events will be at an all time high in this game. As you run through the action packed levels, something will always be going on. With World War 3 at the forefront of the story, there’s no lack of destruction occurring in the countries affected by the carnage. Whether it’s collapsing buildings or the destruction of a subway tunnel, it’s likely that gamers will always have something grabbing their attention virtually every step of the way.

Some screenshots have been released as well which showcase a bit of the visual style we can expect from Modern Warfare 3:

A new tactical weapon revealed by the preview is the 9 bang. The 9 bang is a cluster stun grenade which creates a series of flashes that cause the opposing Russian troops to be rooted to their spots, making them easy targets for the player to take out. Whether or not this will have a similar function in multiplayer – if it appears at all – is not clear, but it’s a welcome addition to the already robust arsenal of MW3.

While we’re on the topic of multiplayer, Black Tuesday takes players into the New York Stock Exchange where they must battle it out with Russian forces in a sequence similar to that of Modern Warfare’s TV Station battle. The Stock Exchange will be making an appearance in multiplayer as ‘Exchange,’ officially confirming the first multiplayer map from the long Modern Warfare 3 map list revealed when the first game details were leaked online.

It was also revealed that gamers were going to be getting co-op play in MW3, but it’s still unclear if this will be co-op as a part of the main campaign, co-op as a part of its own campaign, or co-op only as a part of Spec Ops modes which were present in MW2. With Frost and Sandman being 2 new characters fighting for the U.S. side of the conflict, it’s quite possible that the pairing is meant for co-operative play.

With all the discussion regarding whether or not Modern Warfare 3 is going to be able to live up to the picture perfect standard that DICE is attempting to set with Battlefield 3 and their Frostbite 2 Engine, it may not even come down to which game is better. Both games seem poised to offer different experiences for different gamers and when push comes to shove, those who just love shooters will likely be buying both for their differences and not avoiding one over the other because of their similarities.

Are you looking forward to more non-stop adrenaline fueled action, or are you planning on staying home and knitting instead? The latter may produce a more docile you, while the former, well you’ll see.

Modern Warfare 3 is going to keep us firmly planted at the edge of our seats when it releases on November 8, 2011 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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