Even with all the leaks coming out about Modern Warfare 3, Activision has been rather hushed about details regarding their next installment in the Call of Duty franchise. Late last week the gaming world was treated to their first glimpse of the upcoming game when story and multiplayer details were leaked along with images of some of Modern Warfare 3’s guns. The latest leak seems to confirm the release date everyone has been hearing (and suspecting).

Citing anonymous sources in the retail space, IGN has revealed that the rumored release date of November 8, 2011 has been confirmed by an advertising poster for the Australian release of the game. This could mean that Modern Warfare 3 is going to see a simultaneous worldwide release. Past releases have seen different release dates for different regions with Australian releases typically later than others.

The poster can bee seen below with the release date clearly marked in huge letters as if to say, “start lining up now.”

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Australian Poster

The sudden explosion of leaked images and rumors about the details of MW3 prompted Activision to finally give fans their first official confirmation of the game with 4 teaser trailers that revealed 4 locations for the game: America, England, France, and Germany (which conveniently match up with Modern Warfare 3’s story spoilers). Some of the details about the game suggested that the game may be setting the stage for a World War III premise, and if Russia is going to be attacking all these countries in the game, it’s starting to sound a lot more plausible.

While Activision has been silent about any official details, Infinity Ward’s former Community Manager (now Creative Strategist) Robert Bowling put up a tweet recently on his fourzerotwo Twitter account suggesting that not all that we’ve heard is accurate.

“A lot of hype & a lot of leaked info on #MW3, some still accurate, some not. To avoid spoiling the experience, I’d wait for the real reveal.”

With the real reveal coming at E3, it’s only a few weeks away till we’ll know exactly what Activision has in store for their competition, and how they hope to make Modern Warfare 3 retain Call of Duty’s crown as the king of all shooter franchises come this fall. Will there be destructible environments? Vehicles? We’ll know for sure soon enough and we here at Game Rant will be sure to keep you informed.

Are you going to be starting your camping strategy for the long line ups that will no doubt surround Modern Warfare 3’s release?

Modern Warfare 3 will be releasing on November 8, 2011, a date which yours truly predicted not too long ago.

Sources: IGN, Twitter