It hasn’t even been a week since details about the next installment in the Modern Warfare series of Call of Duty games were leaked – and already gamers are going to be able to show their dedication to Activision’s next shooter by pre-ordering it online. This after a poster given to an Australian retailer confirmed a release date forĀ Modern Warfare 3 not even 24 hours ago.

Some online retailers like Game Stop and Amazon have made the option available for gamers who want to reserve their copy of Modern Warfare 3 early. At the moment, no detailsĀ have been released with regards to what kind of additional content will be included with customers pre-orders of the game.

Battlefield 3 is bundling its “Back To Karkland DLC” package with its pre-orders, so there will definitely be pressure on Activision to out-do EA’s coming juggernaut with content for early adopters of Modern Warfare 3. Considering Activision’s penchant for offering multiplayer maps as $15 DLC packages, it doesn’t seem like free map packs is in their MW3 release model.

Modern Warfare 2 was released with a special edition that was packed with additional goodies, so perhaps Activision is going to focus on making MW3 special edition incredible as well – with a smaller pre-order bonus for gamers who opt to go with the standard edition of the game.

Information about Modern Warfare 3 has been sparse and a lot of it, so far, is based on rumor and inside sources – with very little actually revealed by Activision or Infinity Ward. Infinity Ward’s former community manager Robert Bowling, without clarifying or confirming any speculation regarding the game, even went so far as to say that some of what’s being said is true, while some isn’t.

His cryptic statement did give a timeline for when we would get official details, but it was merely a confirmation of what was already expected: E3 is going to be the venue that Activision spills all the beans, and until then, fans are going to have to wait patiently for any official word.

In the meantime, eager fans can spend some time deconstructing the teaser trailers that made Modern Warfare 3’s announcement official.

What kind of pre-order bonuses are you most interested in seeing for Modern Warfare 3?

Modern Warfare 3 will be released on November 8, 2011 for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.