Part of our hands-on time with the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer during Call of Duty XP let us tool around with the new strike package feature, new perks, and some of the weapon combinations that are available this time around. While the strike package killstreaks have already been somewhat detailed, the perks available have been kept secret, until now.

While we have a full list of the perks that were available during the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer preview, we do not, however, have detailed information as to what the pro versions of these perks imbue the player with. Some of the perks are returning favorites, but a couple of them are either previous “Pro” upgrades made to have their own perk or completely new.

Though Commando and One Man Army are no longer available in Modern Warfare 3, an announcement that received the biggest reaction at Call of Duty XP, there are still some controversial perks available. Check them out below:

Perk 1:

Recon — enemies damaged by explosives appear on radar

Sleight of Hand — reload faster

Blind Eye — makes the player invisible to enemy air support

Extreme Conditioning — sprint for longer

Scavenger — pick up ammo off corpses

Perk 2:

Quick Draw — aim down sight quicker

Blast Shield — explosive protection

Hardline — get a killstreak one kill earlier

Assassin — undetectable to thermal radars

Overkill — carry two primary weapons

Perk 3:

Marksman — identify enemies from farther away

Stalker — move faster when aiming

SitRep — see enemy explosives

Steady Aim — increased hip-fire accuracy

Dead Silence — silent footsteps

Some of the more popular perks have been moved around to nix super powerful combinations — like in Black Ops —  while the Perk 3 category now sees more useful perks being added to it.

Yes each of the perks comes with a Pro version, as was previously stated, but not all of those pro upgrades simply deliver a stronger version of the base perk. Extreme Conditioning Pro, for example, doesn’t let you sprint for an unlimited time, but actually lets you climb obstacles faster.

There are still some tough decisions to be made, especially in the Perk 1 category, but that’s all part of the Call of Duty appeal — finding the right combinations that suit your play style. We can’t wait to try them all out.

What do you think of the new perks, returning perks, and the layout of the perk trees? Which combination are you most looking forward to testing out?

Modern Warfare 3 releases November 8, 2011 for the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC.