First Screenshots for Next 'Modern Warfare 3' DLC Map

Modern Warfare 3 DLC Map Overwatch - Crowd Control

If you've checked your Call of Duty Elite Content Drop calendar you would know that another of the 9-month long DLC releases is slated for release in February, this one featuring just one map. Activision has just unveiled that new map, Overwatch, with a couple screenshots and key art.

Overwatch, like many of the maps that launched with Modern Warfare 3, bares a striking resemblance to a multiplayer arena featured in Modern Warfare 2. According to the press release, Overwatch is symmetrical in nature with two halves being bisected by a crossing bridge. That bridge is accessible from a multitude of angles, making it the easiest way to get across the map, but also the most dangerous. Overall it doesn't exactly scream "new and exciting," but there do appear to be areas to put your vertigo to the test.

As with the past Content Drop this screenshot bonanza should be followed closely by no less than two trailer releases -- so if you're unsure about the fluidity of this map, hold off judgment until later this month. It's also worth mentioning that Overwatch only releases on February 21st for Xbox 360 Call of Duty Elite Premium members — the PS3 Elite members are still waiting on their first Content Drop.

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Part of the appeal of a DLC map pack, or a single map release, for Call of Duty is the promise of a venue that is new and exciting. Take for example the map packs for Black Ops, which each carried a different theme, and delivered something the launch maps couldn't.

These Modern Warfare 3 maps, however, have been scratching a very similar itch, and even bare striking resemblances to maps gamers have seen before. The Content Season doesn't just feature multiplayer maps, however, so perhaps Infinity Ward can give fans a different reason to return to the game.

What do you think of Overwatch, the next DLC map for Modern Warfare 3? What would you like to see out of future Content Drops?

Modern Warfare 3's second Content Drop will be available February 21, 2012 for Xbox 360 Elite Premium members.


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