'Modern Warfare 3' Overwatch DLC Trailer

Modern Warfare 3 Overwatch DLC Trailer

Valentine's Day 2012 has come and gone in a flurry of candy, cards and (hopefully) romance. Now, it's time to get back to business, and that business, naturally, is gaming. Conveniently enough, for Modern Warfare 3 players, the next ELITE Content Drop is just days away. Join Rob Riggle as he tours the new, sky high map, Overwatch.

Overwatch is the only Call of Duty: ELITE Content Drop scheduled for Modern Warfare 3 during February, making this month the least bountiful of the entire Content Season. Like the Liberation map from the first Content Drop, Overwatch is set in New York City. Unlike Liberation, Overwatch takes place at the very top of a 70 story skyscraper. While the previously released Overwatch screenshots did a fine job of teasing the new map, there is no substitute for seeing it in motion.

Check out the new trailer for Modern Warfare 3's Overwatch map below.


Overwatch will be available to download on February 21, 2012. As the fine print in the trailer helpfully points out, that date is "For Xbox Live Users." Specifically, Xbox Live users who are also premium Call of Duty: Elite subscribers. PlayStation 3 owning premium ELITE subscribers will need to wait another month. That means they'll get access to Overwatch in March, the same month that the first Content Collection -- a stand alone download slated to include, according to the Overwatch press release, "maps, modes and other features previously released through content drops" -- will be made available on Xbox Live. Given the window of exclusivity Microsoft has secured for Call of Duty DLC, expect that same Content Collection to show up on PSN in April.

It 's been a rough road for Call of Duty: ELITE. The service was notoriously unstable at launch, beset with registration issues that ultimately led Activision to grant 30 free days to Founders. Then, the first Content Drop maps turned out to be restricted to a single user -- an unintentional gaff that prompted a quick response from Infinity Ward. Nonetheless, ELITE is turning out to be a huge success for Activision, with over 7 million subscribers, including 1.5 million premium members. No wonder ELITE 2.0 is scheduled to launch with the next Call of Duty.

Call of Duty: Elite subscribers, how satisfied are you with the service?

The Overwatch map for Modern Warfare 3 will be available to Call of Duty: Elite premium subscribers on Xbox 360 February 21, 2012.


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