'Modern Warfare 3' March DLC Gameplay Trailer: New Map & Spec Ops

Modern Warfare 3 March DLC Trailer Elite

Comedian and current paper-eating, wise-cracking, fake-soldier-pitchman for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3's DLC, Rob Riggle, is back to introduce the trailer for next week's upcoming content drop that will be available for Xbox 360 Elite subscribers on March 13.

Last February saw only one content drop for Elite members (Overwatch), and it's likely that early purchasers of Call of Duty Elite's "Premium" plan haven't quite felt the impact of their $50 investment. The upcoming drop for the Xbox 360 should absolve some doubt, however, as it fires off three new pieces of content - the Black Box mulitplayer map and two Spec Ops missions entitled "Black Ice" and "Negotiator."

Check out the trailer abound with brand new snowmobiling, breaching, and Air Force One-besieging action. Then read on for all the details surrounding Elite's DLC plans:


It's the busiest month to date on the Elite Content Season schedule for Modern Warfare 3 (perhaps, as Riggle even alludes to in the trailer, Activision is looking to market it off of the NCAA's March Madness), and Elite looks to have fully rebounded from the early registration issues that were plaguing its launch. The latest upcoming content drop marks the first time Modern Warfare 3 will be adding new Spec Ops missions to the fray, and Activision detailed in a presser just what we can expect - in case Riggle's semantics aren't your thing:

“In ‘Black Box,’ players will battle beside a downed Air Force One amidst multi-level homes overlooking the luxurious Southern California neighborhood.”

“Infiltrating a diamond mine aboard a snowmobile in the Special Ops mission ‘Black Ice,’ your primary objective is to plant high-grade explosives in order to shut the mine down forever.

“In ‘Negotiator,’ you head to India for high-stakes hostage extraction in which you’ll breach-and-clear rooms and navigate surface streets to ensure the safety of your VIPs.”

March is also full of opportunities for Elite holdouts to catch up on the action. One week after the drop, on March 20th, non-Elite subscribers on the Xbox 360 will have access to the more conventionally styled Content Bundle #1 - which features the previous Liberation and Piazza maps, Overwatch, and the content of March 13's release. The price of the bundle is still undisclosed, but it likely provides less flashbanging for the buck than the aggregate content of the $49.99 one-year plan.

The short end of the stick, unfortunately, goes to users on the PlayStation Network - who are more or less a month behind on Elite's content drops. It was only last week, on February 28th, when the PSN Content Season kicked off with the Liberation and Piazza maps, and Activision is currently scheduling the Overwatch drop for March 29th.  Both the Content Bundle #1 and the Black Box/Black Ice/Negotiator drops have yet to be dated on non-Xbox platforms and may not arrive until April.

Ranters - especially the Modern Warfare 3 enthusiasts among you - how has your experience been with Call of Duty Elite's Content Season? Is the format preferable over the traditional tri-monthly bundle, or do you tend to ignore COD DLC altogether?

For Xbox 360 users, Modern Warfare 3's March DLC drops for Call of Duty Elite premium subscribers on March 13, and Content Bundle #1 is available on March 20th - regardless of Elite status.


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