'Modern Warfare 3' Intel Guide Already Online

Modern Warfare 3 Intel Walkthrough Video

The day has finally come, as Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 has gone from dream to reality. There's a good chance that plenty of you are already a few hours into the game's campaign, but if you fancy yourself a completionist - and plan on experiencing the campaign more than once - then you'll absolutely need to gather up the various pieces of 'intel' before calling it quits. Rather than spend hours upon hours searching every nook and cranny of the game's environments, a handy video has already surfaced giving a detailed guide to each location.

Given the hardcore nature of Modern Warfare 3's audience, there are sure to be several thousands of fans who would prefer to find each and every collectible without any help at all, but not everybody has that kind of time. And considering just how well the game is expected to sell, there are sure to be more than a few players with an uncontrollable need to maximize their Gamerscore.

Luckily, WikiGameGuides has already completed the campaign, and recorded an extensive walkthrough providing all the locations of the game's pieces of intel - 46 in all - so either start collecting now, or get ready to start over.

The video contains some spoilers, so those of you who don't want a single story beat or locale revealed should avert your eyes:


While taking an entire playthrough to do nothing but hoard collectible items (or the 55 Gamerscore Points they bring) may seem a bit ridiculous to more casual players, the fact is this: any excuse to spend more time in the world of Modern Warfare is welcome. Fans have been waiting what seems like an eternity to see the story of global war come to its climax, so anything that Infinity Ward can do to convince players to spend a bit more time in the singleplayer component makes sense, as the multiplayer will likely be a popular spot for the coming years.

And considering the fact that plenty of fans are already experiencing issues with Call of Duty Elite, giving the developers a bit more time to get the multiplayer worked out isn't a bad thing. For PC fans, collectible pieces of intel likely won't do much to make up for the lack of Elite altogether. Hopefully these issues will be sorted out soon enough, but until then we can all give thanks to the makers of this video walkthrough for giving our obsessive natures an outlet, for a few hours at least.

Modern Warfare 3 is available now for the PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.


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Source: WikiGameGuides

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