Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Insane Moments

We all can’t wait to get out hands on Modern Warfare 3. E3 is fast approaching but looking ahead it feels like its going to be ages before we get all the official juicy details on Activision’s next Call of Duty title. Naturally then, when we do hear a bit of news that teases what to expect – we’re all over it.

Most recently it was revealed that Spec Ops was going to be making a return in a big way, with a survival mode and a host of features to help support Spec Ops play online. But today brings even more for good news for fans.

Speaking to NowGamer after a recent preview, which showcased two of Modern Warfare 3’s action packed levels, Robert Bowling (Infinity Ward’s Creative Strategist) remained coy when asked about MW3 details.

What he did reveal though, was that there seems to have been a shift in focus with regards to where the team wants combat to occur in this iteration of the franchise.

“We definitely have some insane moments that we’re taking players to. I mean, what’s truly cool about Modern Warfare 3 is, we’re taking it out of the more ‘outskirts’ areas, and bringing it in to these non-traditional conflict areas that you’re not used to seeing. Also, you’re seeing these awesome set-piece moments that you’ve never seen before, in locations you’d never expect.”

So instead of fighting in open fields and urban streets, you can expect that much more of the combat is going to take place in areas that would normally be heavily populated. This might afford Infinity Ward a number of opportunities to really raise the stakes for players – but the question remains: will they? Activision is firm in their belief that Modern Warfare 3 will push the genre forward, but whether or not gamers agree is not up to them.

General response to Modern Warfare 3 has been a little mixed so far. The game has quickly been raking in pre-orders, suggesting that the market is again willing to support another Modern Warfare title, but reactions so far have been critical – citing a lack of innovation as a serious cause for concern.

Battlefield 3 on the other hand has continued to impress everyone, providing more and more insight into the engine behind the impressive visuals that have had us drooling since March. As quick as people are to call Battlefield 3 the clear winner in this miniature war between studios, we still haven’t had a chance to experience Battlefield 3 for ourselves – to know for sure.

No Campaign Co-op Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3

For that matter, Battlefield 3 for the consoles has been confirmed as not being as visually impressive as the PC version, and naturally gamers have been wondering if this is a game that will only shine on the PC. With the bulk of Call of Duty sales occurring on consoles, this is a space DICE will really have to nail – if they want to overthrow the current king of shooters.

Do you think you’ll be ready for the insanity that is Modern Warfare 3 when it bring more set piece destruction to us this fall?

Modern Warfare 3 is looking to make you lose your mind on November 8, 2011 when it’s released for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: NowGamer