When it comes to Modern Warfare 3, there is a general assumption that you know exactly what you’re going to get. It’s an experience that a ton of gamers have come to know and love, but it doesn’t do too much to evolve said experience.

In an interview that took place post-reveal of the Spec-Ops mode trailer, Robert Bowling talked a little bit about what Infinity Ward is bringing to this iteration of Call of Duty to help separate it from the pack. Obviously, there is a clear difference as compared to past Modern Warfares in that this game is about a global war (World War 3, if you will), but, in the core gameplay, things are also being changed up a bit as well.

We know that Infinity Ward isn’t bringing gamers a brand new engine — both a gift and a curse — with Modern Warfare 3, but Bowling feels those aren’t necessary. Instead it’s about keeping the visuals running smoothly and creating that a believable ambience with audio and lighting.

“With every game we’re looking at how can we advance on the tech. How can we add more to the experience? It really comes into adding everything over all, because we’re at a point now where you keep building on the visuals, but really what sells everything is the lighting and the proper audio — all these little things that add to the immersion and situational awareness that you may not be able to pick out individually, but altogether they add to the experience.”

Another element that helps to make Modern Warfare 3 stand out from the pack is its scale. As seen in the E3 presentation and the game’s initial trailer, Modern Warfare 3 is still a “guided” experience, but there is a grander scope at work here.

Gamers can check out just how far-reaching the storyline and missions of Modern Warfare 3 are in a comprehensive, spoiler-filled walk through the entire campaign, but for those who just want a brief tease, Bowling listed a few of the key areas players will be exploring.

“…Then you’re also fighting in parts of Africa and Germany and Paris and parts of Russia, the Himalayas, all of these conflicts and areas have their own personality because it’s very different there. And also they’re different areas, so you’re experiencing different weapons and different tactics that the local military and groups are using because you’re fighting alongside these guys.”

Unfortunately, since the interview did take place before Infinity Ward started teasing little bits and pieces of MW3 news here and there, Bowling doesn’t reveal anything substantial — unlike his tweet about explosions and equipment. Still, there should be a clear understanding of what Infinity Ward is trying to do with Modern Warfare 3: create a complete experience on both a visual and audio level that is far-reaching and varied.

How is Modern Warfare 3’s combination of visuals and variety of experience working for you? Do you think that Infinity Ward is bringing enough to the table for this iteration to warrant a purchase this November?

Modern Warfare 3 releases November 8, 2011 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Source: Yahoo! Games UK