'Modern Warfare 3' Features Another Gut Wrenching Moment [Spoiler]

Modern Warfare 3 Features Another Gut Wrenching Moment

Following in the tradition of the previous two Modern Warfare games, Modern Warfare 3 will feature yet another shocking moment reflecting the horrors of war and terrorism. However, unlike Modern Warfare 2's optional "No Russian" mission, Modern Warfare 3's shocker will merely be witnessed, and not something that players participate in.

The moment was revealed in some leaked footage of Modern Warfare 3's single player campaign that has since been taken down by Activision. The footage didn't reflect anything story-specific, other than London being attacked, which we've known about for a little while now. So, what does Modern Warfare 3 use for its memorable scripted moment?

[Spoiler] In a nutshell, a tourist family is recording some footage of their vacation. The father is behind the camera while his wife and daughter are centering in the frame when a van pulls up behind them and explodes. Obviously, the abruptness of the occurrence will lend to its overall impact, although not allowing the player to retain control of the camera in this instance might take a certain something away. All the same, it's obviously not very enjoyable to see any children die, whether they are virtual or not. [End Spoiler]

Of course, this is merely one moment in the campaign, which the launch trailer suggests will be filled with a lot of jarring and exhilarating moments. For a more literal description of what else to expect from the campaign, take a look at Modern Warfare 3's leaked Achievements list

The Modern Warfare series isn't one to shy away from creating memorable instances of gameplay, as recounted in Game Rant's top 5 most memorable moments from the franchise. With the latest game's impending release, it will be interesting to see what else Infinity Ward and Sledgehammer Games will be adding, and how they will be closing off this particular chapter. Fingers crossed there will be some real resolution to this particular story, rather than Modern Warfare 2's abrupt ending after a pretty excellent sequence.

Modern Warfare 3 releases November 8, 2011, for Xbox 360, PS3, and PC.


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Source: Destructoid

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