There are a few unwavering truths that exist in life. One day we will all be decomposing lumps of meat, suitable for an extra in Left 4 Dead; Corrupted Saves will come out once a week for your viewing pleasure; And, most obvious of all, the yearly Call of Duty release will sell many copies. Yes, I’m willing to put myself out on the limb their and use a quantifier as extremely definitive as, “many.”

The funny thing that the folks over at EA seem to think is that their outspoken wishes of leprosy to fall upon the families of all those involved with the Call of Duty series will somehow have an actual impact on the sales or quality of either game. The Battlefield 3 folks can question the virtue of the mothers of all the Infinity Ward employees all they want. Modern Warfare 3 is still going to sell a pant load of copies, and Battlefield 3 will also sell a pant load as well, even if those pants are of a slightly smaller waist size. What’s more is that both games will be… gasp… probably pretty great and meet the expectations of both games’ audiences.

Just between us though, if all of this mudslinging pays off for EA, Corrupted Saves will be ready to start more beef than a late ’90s rapper.

Call of Duty Corrupted Saves Game Rant Webcomic Issue 048Comic by Zac Landry.