Infinity Ward Developing 'Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3' Starring Ghost?

Modern Warfare 3 Starring Ghost

When it was first announced that one of the next iterations of the Call of Duty franchise (most likely Modern Warfare 3), would feature Ghost from Modern Warfare 2, many passed it off as another rumor regarding the franchise’s uncertain future.

As it turns out, thanks to an article from UK’s Official PlayStation Magazine, that Call of Duty title might actually be in development. Furthermore, the magazine claims that this next title will be developed by none other than the new version of Infinity Ward.

Beyond the mention in OPM, there is no word as to whether this is definitively Modern Warfare 3, the same title that Infinity Ward needed to have both Raven Software and Sledgehammer step in on to develop for this year's annual Call of Duty Fall release, or if this is something IW has on their docket for the future.

As one of the more iconic (read: awesome) characters to come out of the Call of Duty universe, Ghost would be a perfect choice to make a return appearance, but do gamers really want to play as him? What makes the side characters, from Woods in Black Ops to MW1 and MW2's John Price, so great are getting to see them interact with the world around them, while fighting alongside them.

By playing as a more nondescript character, or at least one whose personality is the least flamboyant, the player becomes connected to their much more fleshed-out squad mates as if they are partaking in the mission themselves. Sure, Black Ops showed us that it is possible for a Call of Duty protagonist to be more than a name and some hands, but Alex Mason still ended up taking a backseat to all the other more exciting personalities in the game.

No matter how Activision and Infinity Ward decide to tackle this Ghost prequel, there are two things gamers can expect: That players most likely won’t be controlling just Ghost and secondly, that the game is going to move a ton of units. It’s hard to argue against a game that just based on its very idea has sold units.

Would you be interested in playing as the character of Ghost or having Ghost as one of your squad mates in Modern Warfare 3? What other popular Call of Duty supporting characters would you like to see get their own dedicated title?

Source: UK OPM (via CVG)

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