'Modern Warfare 3' Gameplay Reveal Coming In April?

Modern Warfare 3 Gameplay Reveal Coming

Activision doesn't seem likely to turn its back on the moneymaking franchise Call of Duty any time soon, and recent rumors are suggesting that not only will Modern Warfare 3 be the next game to be released, but that an official reveal of gameplay will be arriving next month. While the news may not be fully confirmed, this is just the most recent in a long line of details that point to an official announcement in the near future.

In the latest issue of UK magazine PSM3, insider rumors state that the first gameplay of Modern Warfare 3 will be coming in April. Specifically, April 30. No details regarding content or length of video have been revealed, and no information regarding those spreading the rumors.

Details about the game have been incredibly scant, but one of the items that has been confirmed is that MW3 will use the same engine as previous games. So keeping in mind that the gameplay won't shock or awe most viewers on a technical level, we can only assume that the first look at the game will need to get fans interested in the plot.

There's been no shortage on rumored plot points, from a full continuation of the series' story to a brand new prequel starring the supporting character Ghost. While it would be nice to have those rumors put to rest once and for all, we would still expect the announcement of the game to be as ambiguous as possible. Activision and Infinity Ward don't need any more reasons to get fans in revolt, so expect only a few details at the most.

While innovation in story might be interesting, the cliffhanger of the previous game demands some resolution. When Modern Warfare 2 ended with series staple 'Soap' MacTavish and Captain Price defeating the treacherous General Shepherd and being rescued by their friend Nikolai, gamers immediately looked forward to seeing the next chapter in the trio's adventure.

Should MW3 be a continuation of the story set in motion from the original Modern Warfare, it could see Soap and Price on the run from the entire US military. Not the most ideal position to be in, but it would make for some exciting action sequences and story twists.

There is little doubt that Modern Warfare 3 will see competition from Battlefield 3 if the latter's fightin' words are a sign of things to come. This could be a major rivalry in the making, but some analysts believe that Call of Duty has nothing to fear.

While the reveal could be confirmed at any moment, the promise of actual MW3 gameplay is still just a rumor. Until it becomes more than just a whisper, we'll keep you posted on any and all things CoD.

Modern Warfare 3 looks to be released in 2011 for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Source: CVG

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