New Trailer and Screenshots for First 'Modern Warfare 3' Content Drop

Modern Warfare 3 ELITE Drop Liberation - But That's My Castle

Aside from a fancy new title and the Winter gun camo, premium Call of Duty: ELITE members haven't received much from their subscription. Activision plans to rectify that, as today sees the first Content Drop for Modern Warfare 3.

In line with Activision's nine month DLC plan, Xbox 360 players who boot up Modern Warfare 3 today can look forward to two new maps, Piazza and Liberation. Piazza places players in an Italian village suited for close quarters combat, while Liberation is a much larger map set in a New York park, providing an advantage to those who prefer long range fire fights.

The DLC for Modern Warfare is developed by Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games and Raven Software, so hopefully we can look forward to plenty of variety in future Content Drops. Many of the core Modern Warfare 3 maps are very small, making larger maps like Liberation a welcome addition.

Check out a newly released trailer for Liberation and Piazza, staring Lt. Colonel (also known as US Marine Officer Rob Riggle), who can best be described as an annoying, militarized version of Kevin Butler:


Modern Warfare 3 ELITE Drop Liberation - But That's My Castle

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Currently, Liberation and Piazza are only available to premium Call of Duty: ELITE subscribers. In the coming months, this Content Drop (in addition to those coming in February) will be bundled, allowing non-subscribers to purchase the DLC in a more traditional way -- meaning all at once and without an added $50 subscription.

It's also assumed that PS3/PC owners can expect to see Liberation and Piazza on their respective platforms in about a month, as is the case with all Call of Duty DLC. For PS3 owners, this still feels very unfair. I'm not one to support platform exclusive content such as DLC, and the fact that PS3 ELITE subscribers (myself included) still have to wait a month despite paying a yearly subscription makes the whole situation feel even worse. Yes, Activision and Microsoft do have an agreement, but I can't really see ELITE flourishing outside of Xbox Live if PS3 owners still have to put up with waiting.

The Liberation and Piazza maps for Modern Warfare 3 are now available to Call of Duty ELITE subscribers on Xbox Live.


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