'Modern Warfare 3' Elite Premium DLC Schedule: Maps, Modes, & Missions

Modern Warfare 3 DLC Schedule

Hot on the heels of the recent release of Modern Warfare 3's first DLC release, or Content Drop as Activision calls them, Call of Duty Elite has laid out a schedule so that fans will know roughly when to expect further maps, modes, and Spec-Ops missions.

While the premium DLC schedule doesn't give specific dates or details on the new content - it does offer a month by month breakdown of what types of content will be unveiled.

While Elite players are, no doubt, already tearing each other apart in the first pair of DLC multiplayer maps,"Liberation" and "Piazza," as we've previously reported, Infinity Ward intends to reward subscribers with nine months worth of new Modern Warfare 3 offerings.

Remember, the release schedule below pertains only to players who purchased Call of Duty Elite Premium (regardless of platform), Activision has yet to offer a breakdown for when the content will be available for non-Elite subscribers. Xbox 360 players still have a heads-start on PS3 and PC players but it's also unclear exactly how the publisher intends to bundle the various content drops for release through each platform's digital store. We know they'll be offering "content collections" to non-subscribers but will the first public DLC release simply combine January and February's offerings into a single "map pack"?

Check out the current Modern Warfare 3 Elite Premium DLC Schedule below:

  • January: Two maps ("Liberation" and "Piazza")
  • February: Map
  • March: Map and two missions
  • April: Two maps
  • May: Map and a mission
  • June: Map, mission, and a mode
  • July: Two maps
  • August: Map, mission, and a mode
  • September: Map and a mission
Modern Warfare 3 Elite Premium DLC Schedule

As mentioned, the schedule is short on specifics but it does offer a handy breakdown as to how the content is spread between modes, maps, and Spec-Ops missions. Initial responses to the inclusion of Spec-Ops missions was mixed by the community - as some players were excited at the prospect of more co-op adventures while others felt as though Activision should have just focused on churning out as many competitive maps as possible. As a result, it'll be interesting to hear how the community responds to the official breakdown: 12 maps, 6 Spec-Ops missions, and 2 modes (with a few more pieces of content down the line).

We'll keep you updated as we get more official info on when the various pieces of Modern Warfare 3 DLC will become available to non-Elite subscribers as well as what to expect from future content drops.


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Source: Activision

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