Weekly Video Game News Roundup: May 11th

Weekly Video Game News Roundup May 11th 7th

In this week's roundup we get The Last Laugh with the new DC Universe Online DLC, learn why MW3 DLC includes only new maps, thank Raptr for free Minecraft, explore the galaxy with Outernauts, perform a variety of Xenomorph kills in Aliens: Colonial Marines, listen to Sam Hulick's Baldur's Gate score, and expect a big turn out for The Secret World beta.

Let's round it up!

1. All 'Uncharted 2' DLC Now Free

Patience is a virtue -- it's also pretty rewarding, it seems. Those who didn't jump on the DLC train for Uncharted 2: Among Thieves before can now download all of the packs for free. A gift for gaming Moms? The packs include Drake's Fortune Multiplayer Pack, the Golden Gun Pack, the PlayStation Heroes Skin Pack, the Sidekicks Skin Pack, and the Siege Expansion Pack. This update is only available to US PlayStation gamers, so those outside of the states will just have to shake an angry fist to the sky until something changes.

Source: VG247


 2. 'DC Universe Online' Joker DLC - The Last Laugh

The Last Laugh, the unsurprisingly Joker-centric DLC for DC Universe Online, is coming to PC and PlayStation 3 in June. There will be three different four-on-four battle scenarios and a 16-vs-16 scenario in which players try to take the other's Secret Headquarters. In addition, a new weapon will be added to the available arsenal, the ever popular shield. If visions of Captain America style characters roaming the game are conjuring up, they are accurate. The powers apparently are on par with the Avengers.

There are also two new Legends PvP characters: Kilowog the Green Lantern and Amon Sure from Sinestro Corps. The pack is free for Legendary subscribers and will be available for purchase by regular subscribers. Follow the source for some screens.

Source: Joystiq


3.  'MechWarrior Online' - Catapult Revealed! First In-game Screens!

In giant mech news, the Catapult has recently been revealed as the newest mech for Piranha Games' MechWarrior Online. This mech loves LRM (long-range missile) fire so much -- it's all it talks about. Recommended for use with a spotter, the Catapult can slam enemies with pain without ever being seen. Equipped with jump jets, the Catapult will be able to make a quick exit if need be and its four medium lasers can keep enemies at bay that may not be happy from the aforementioned pain. No word on when it will be implemented in-game, but there are lots of pretties to look at until then.

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4. 'MW3' DLC Will Only Be New Maps

Infinity Ward announced that Modern Warfare 3 will only include new maps within paid DLC, removing the situation where gamers could otherwise be paying for old, rehashed maps from previous games -- a shady, but often popular business practice. Maybe they're taking note of the hot-button issues surrounding DLC these days. Elite members on the Xbox 360 will see four maps this month and in June for the PS3. In addition there was a leaked clan challenges screenshot that has since been taken down. Clan challenges were rumored to be a part of the Elite's features, but not much has been heard on that subject in a while.

Modern Warfare 3 Elite Clan Challenge Infinity Ward

Source: MP1st


5. 'Skullgirls' May Get PS3/PC Cross-Platform Play

Reverge Labs said in a tweet that they hope to be throwing in cross-platform multiplayer to the PC and Playstation 3 version of Skullgirls and confirms it will not be using GFWL as a result.

Source: VG247


6. Namco Bandai Spelled Incorrectly In 'The Avengers'

Remember the Galaga scene in The Avengers? How could anyone forget? It was hilarious. For those that haven't even seen the movie, please hand in your geek cards now and stop reading gaming blogs forever. We kid (not really). 

Anyhoo, the game was supposed to be credited to publisher Namco Bandai in the, well, credits, but there was a slight snafu and they were instead listed as Nameco Bandai. No one lost their job or anything and certain would have gone under the radar if there weren't some eagle-eyed observers out there. It's just good for a snicker... perhaps even a chortle. Now go see the movie or Hulk SMASH!!!

Still not convinced? Read Screen Rant's Avengers review.

Source: Kotaku


7.  Raptr Gives Away 2,500 Copies Of 'Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition'

As part of a newly unveiled Raptr Rewards program, Raptr and Microsoft were giving away 2,500 copies of Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition this week. The Xbox Live Arcade version hit stores this week for 1600 Microsoft Points, but gamers could snag the game for free by redeeming points accumulated on Raptr through ranks on several different games. They are promising tons of other rewards in the future as well, which include other free games, DLC, beta codes and major discounts. With so many incentives, Raptr makes it hard not to sign up. Clever girl.


8. Insomniac's Facebook Game, 'Outernauts'

EA and Insomniac Games have teamed up to create Outernauts, a new social game for Facebook. Insomniac will bring its unique brand of humor and style to the table, and will be a refreshing change of pace to the typically banal, repetitive world of social gaming. EA will bring --um-- money. Outernauts is described as a role-playing adventure game that puts gamers in the role of an Outernaut, a member of an elite force that captures and trains exotic alien creatures, while battling space pirates and saving the galaxy and stuff. Players can explore planets, find treasure, and fight along friends online. Check out the game's homepage for more. While not specifically detailed, the cash making aspects of the social gaming for the two companies will surely present themselves in time. After all, social gaming is rarely just about a fun experience. Stay tuned to Game Rant for more news on Insomniac's first foray into social games as it comes.


9. 'Aliens: Colonial Marines' Multiplayer Details

Sega hasn't been short on offering Aliens: Colonial Marines single-player details, but the PS3 shooter, which follows the story after the 1986 film sequel, but they have been tight-lipped about its multiplayer until now. Gamers asked and the folks at Gearbox Software have answered -- at least partly.

They have tried to answer a few of the oodles of questions thrown at them, but are still leaving a bit to be desired so there is enough to reveal at E3 2012 in June. The full list of answered questions can be found here, but among them there are promises of several different modes for multiplayer, split-screen support for PS3 (thank god), how Xenomorphs will control in third person and their ability to be creative in the many ways they kill. Small mouth thingy through a marine's skull? Let's hope so!

Source: PlayStation blog


10. Sam Hulick Scores Music For 'Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition'

Overhaul couldn't be happier to announce that Sam Hulick will be taking over music duties on Baldur's Gate Enhanced Edition, composing music and the shebang. And why not? Hulick's resume is glowing -- his credit scoring the entire Mass Effect trilogy alone is worth the job. His compositions will be found accompanying new gameplay content, adding to the already acclaimed original soundtrack. Hulick has already shown a lot of enthusiasm toward the project.

"The music of Baldur's Gate and Baldur's Gate II was a huge inspiration for me as a composer who was just venturing forth into the world of writing music for games. So to be able to travel back in time, so to speak, and score original material for the Baldur's Gatesaga is a dream come true for me."

His passion for the games will hopefully enhance the soundtrack, making his compositions shine though.


11. One Million People Sign Up For 'The Secret World' Beta

The secret society-centered MMORPG, The Secret World, kicks off its public beta this weekend with over one million gamers registered to test. Effectively beating out Funcom's last MMO Age of Conan during its pre-launch phase. Funcom SVP of Sales & Marketing, Morten Larssen sees this number as a glimpse into the future success of the title.

"Shattering our previous beta records gives us great hope for The Secret World’s launch and its future. Combining this positive number with the excellent feedback we have received from both beta testers and the press that have played the game, make us very optimistic for a successful launch of The Secret World."

The impressive numbers come from a combination of promotional items, including 100,000 keys given away through news outlet Gamespot and the social media extension The Secret War. With over two million unique visitors reportedly visiting The Secret World website, Funcom expects even more gamers signing up in the future as interest in the title grows.

The Secret World launches June 19 on the PC.


12. Internet Explorer 9 w/Kinect Integration Coming To Xbox 360?

Internet browsing may finally come to Xbox through a modified version of Internet Explorer 9, which is currently going through testing by Microsoft. With Kinect integration, Microsoft is suggests gestures and voice control will be used to allow users to quickly surf the web. While it is noted that Kinect support is not a mandatory function, the browser will be built and tuned for the peripheral. Aside from these small tidbits of information, nothing else has been released, including a release date, but one might expect to hear more on this and many other new features in June when E3 2012 hits LA.

Source: The Verge


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