'Modern Warfare 3' DLC Comes To PS3 Elite Premium Members Feb 28th

Modern Warfare 3 DLC PS3 Elite Premium Release Date

For Xbox 360 Call of Duty Elite members, who have already been enjoying the first Content Drop for Modern Warfare 3, this is old news, but for PS3 fans that have been waiting for their turn, listen up. It's finally your turn to get your hands on Piazza and Liberation, the two new maps being made available for the game.

Though Call of Duty Elite Premium has a 9-month season of content when those maps, modes, and missions will be available also depends on the players home console. It's just like every other Call of Duty DLC launch, only much more confusing.

But, to make a long story short, Call of Duty Elite Premium PS3 members are finally getting their first content drop on February 28th. That means that by extrapolating from Activision's DLC release calendar, Premium PS3 members will only be one month off from their Xbox 360 bretheren. Simply log into Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer and a handy message will pop up when the maps are available to download.

Obviously this should come as no surprise to PS3 owners, who have become used to watching and waiting while Xbox 360 owners enjoy their maps for a full month, but at least the timeline between Premium releases is clearer. It might not be standard for each Content Drop, but a one month wait isn't nearly as bad as non-Elite Premium members wait.

Having experienced the maps first hand I can say they definitely add a few new dynamics to the Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer, but they aren’t meant to reinvent the wheel. DLC for Call of Duty is a tried and tested machine, and we don't expect that business model to change just yet, although this 9-month content roll-out is a smart move.

PS3 players who are Call of Duty Elite Premium members, are you ready to get your hands on the first Content Drop for Modern Warfare 3? Any Xbox 360 members want to share their thoughts on the first two maps?

Modern Warfare 3's First Content Drop releases February 28, 2012 for PS3 Elite Premium members.

Source: PlayStation Blog

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