While everyone knows Modern Warfare 3 is coming to the home consoles, little was known about the portable versions of the popular franchise. So when Activision finally announced details on Modern Warfare 3 for Nintendo DS, many were left scratching their heads over the absence of a Nintendo 3DS version of the title.

n-Space, the game’s developer, has now reached out to the frothing masses to officially confirm the full name of the DS title Modern Warfare 3 Defiance as well as clear the air that they had no part in the 3DS snub, asserting that Activision decided to skip Nintendo’s newfangled handheld – in favor of the older DS model.

Posting to their official Facebook fan page, n-Space both confirmed that their upcoming version of Modern Warfare 3 would be subtitled “Defiance” (much like Treyarch’s Modern Warfare: Reflex Edition) as well as explained to fans that it was not their decision to bypass the 3DS console – laying the blame squarely on publisher Activision.

“IGN caught wind of the recent mention of Call of Duty MW3 Defiance (DS) that we are developing… The only “new” news here is the subtitle.”

“You guys all need to understand that we make the games we are hired to make. […] It is not our call to decide which platforms to support. Obviously we are big 3DS fans and supporters as we have three titles in development. If it were as simple as us choosing what products and platforms to develop for I would get a lot more sleep.’

n-Space have a lot of recent history with Activision’s largest franchise having developed all the previous handheld versions of Call of Duty. The latest handheld game, Defiance, is being developed separately from the main console versions – and, as mentioned, is set to launch exclusively on the Nintendo DS. Its absence from the Nintendo 3DS games line up will only intensify recent whispers that the console is struggling to attract large games developers.


One explanation for this snub may simply come down to numbers. Sales of Nintendo’s new handheld console haven’t exactly been stellar – while the Nintendo DS has a much wider user base. Activision may not see the need to develop a specific Nintendo 3DS version – when its likely to cost more to develop for the platform.

Whatever the reason, no one at Activision is blaming n-Space for the lack of Nintendo 3DS version. Their social media manager Dan Amrich had nothing but praise for the developer.

“They’ve done the handheld editions of COD4:MW, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, and World at War, among many other DS games. […] The DS version is also in expert hands.”

Is the game’s absence a blow to the Nintendo 3DS? Are you interested in playing Modern Warfare 3 on a handheld? Tell us what you think in the comments section.

Modern Warfare 3 is expected to be released on November 8, 2011 for the PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 – though Modern Warfare 3: Defiance does not yet have a confirmed release date.

Source: Facebook