What does bullet time, curly red hair, future soldiers, and death have in common? They are all a part of the video game trailer roundup of course! A lot of upcoming releases can be found in this edition of the video game trailer roundup. Many are highly anticipated releases, not just within our ranks, but many of their respective fan bases.

In this week’s video game trailer roundup: Darksiders 2, Prototype 2, Brave: The Video Game, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier, Transformers Prime, Max Payne 3, Modern Warfare 3, Ghost Recon: Alpha, 2112, and Soul Sacrifice.


Darksiders 2 may have been pushed back until August, but that won’t stop the Vigil Games from teasing the game’s development. The second trailer showcases the level of brutality fans can expect from the sequel. While the last developer diary dealt with how we will see Death rise, this video is all about who Death is.


Darksiders 2 releases in August for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC, and as a launch title sometime this Fall for the Wii U.

Mayhem is upon us. Prototype 2 is now available (check out our review), and already there is DLC. The Colossal Mayhem DLC is available now (comes free if the Blackwatch Collector’s Edition was purchased), giving players: A Thermobaric Boom-Stick,  Force Multiplier Powers: Warp Vortex, Anti Gravity Field, and Air Time as well as custom skins: Heller Test Subject, Infected Heller, and Infantry Heller.


Revenge is a dish best served cold, but in Sgt. James Hellers case, it is best served as viciously as possible. This new Prototype 2 trailer has it all and is completely brutal. Watch Heller inflict destruction and chaos in order to find the one responsible for his loss. A warpath has been created and nothing can get in Heller’s way.

Again, Prototype 2 and the Colossal Mayhem pack are available now for PS3 and Xbox 360. The Excessive Force DLC pack will be available May 29.

Are any Pixar fans readers of Game Rant? Along with a movie release, Brave will also be receiving a self-titled video game release. Far more fantastical than recent Pixar films, Brave explores the life of Merida, an expert archer. The video game extension will go beyond what the film explores through many quests and puzzles.


Brave: The Video Game will be out in June 2012 for Xbox 360, Wii, PC, PS3, and Nintendo DS.

Infinity Ward, Sledgehammer Games, and Raven Software share a behind-the-scenes look at the new DLC for Modern Warfare 3, Face Off. This brand new multiplayer mode will include two free maps along with two additional maps as part of the Collection 2 DLC pack for Xbox Live. Face Off pits the players in 1 vs 1 or 2 vs 2 combat and the new maps will be considerably smaller than what players are accustomed to. Encouraging strategy over fire power, teamwork will be key for Face Off mode.


Modern Warfare 3 Face Off Mode will be available for DLC on May 16 on Xbox Live, the additional maps May 22.

A second trailer has been released for Ghost Recon: Alpha, a 25-minute short film about the events leading up to Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. Created by the Academy Award winning minds behind Logorama, this short showcases the potential of what a live-action Ghost Recon film could offer. All of the characters in the film are the same four playable characters from the game. The story takes place immediately before a key moment in the game’s storyline that happens in a major European city. If you check out this movie, be sure to look for the secret code that will enable access via Ghost Recon Network for an exclusive weapon playable in GS:FS.

We’ve seen a lot of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier here on the roundups, many walkthroughs and other fun videos. Watching these videos one would assume it would be impossible to take down any of these Ghosts. That’s where the Bodarks come in. Russian folklore believe there are two types of werewolves: one who is turned as punishment and the other who chooses to be one. A Bodark chooses to be a wolf. We’ve seen the Ghosts take it to the enemy with ease, but now they seem to be up against a real enemy.


Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier releases May 22, 2012, in North America, and May 24, 2012 in Europe, for the PS3 and Xbox 360. The PC version releases June 12.

Any time Peter Cullen’s voice is heard it can be for either Optimus Prime from Transformers or Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh. Sorry guys, this next trailer is not for Winnie the Pooh, but for Transformers Prime. This little cartoon written by Bob Orci and Alex Kurtzman (Star Trek, Transformers, Cowboys & Aliens) will now be getting a video game adaptation. Watch the gameplay trailer below:

Transformers Prime will hit stores later this year exclusively for the Wii and the 3DS.

For now, gamers will have to wait until May 15 to check out the official launch trailer for Max Payne 3. And until then, a gameplay trailer for the integrated multiplayer will have to suffice. We first got a glimpse of the multiplayer mode in action back in March and this video is the sequel to that video. Within Max Payne 3 multiplayer mode, story elements will be infused to add more detail to the experience. We even get to see more of online “crews” option where users can posse together to fight enemies.

Max Payne 3 releases May 15, 2012, for Xbox 360, PS3 and PC.

Looking for a new MMO with RTS and Base Defense Elements? Look no further! Emobi Games, a developer from Vietnam would like to introduce 2112. A war game set 100 years in the future, where human space travel is made possible by the discovery of a new power source called Herani. In 2112, players can find an in-depth campaign and quest system that will work to create long lasting wars and provide many strategy options.

A tentative December 21, 2012 (Doomsday) release date is scheduled for 2112. Nice play on release dates there. Almost too easy.

It has come down to the end, the final trailer, which is for Soul Sacrifice. The Vita hasn’t seen much love from the trailer roundups in some time, and Soul Sacrifice breaks that streak. Although not much can be said about the video game because only a teaser site has been released, and it’s all in Japanese. The trailer brings up more questions than answers, but anyone who can pull a spiny sword from their mouth that is longer than their body should be invited to any birthday party — now that’s a talent.


Soul Sacrifice is set for a winter release in Japan this year. No other release dates are confirmed yet.

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