First 'Modern Warfare 3' Content Drop Now Available for PS3 Elite Premium

Modern Warfare 3 Content Drop 1 Available PS3

Call of Duty Elite members of the Xbox 360 persuasion best turn back now since this news is already old news for you, but PS3 Premium members rejoice because the first Content Drop for Modern Warfare 3 has arrived. Although its Microsoft counterpart is already onto its second Content Drop, which released last week, PlayStation 3 members have been waiting an extra month just to get a new change of scenery.

The maps in question, Liberation and Piazza, are interesting riffs on some tried and true Call of Duty tropes — nothing new here. But, since you've already forked over an extra $50 on top of your Modern Warfare 3 purchase, its best to get your money's worth.

When Activision first unveiled Call of Duty Elite it seemed like the perfect opportunity for PS3 players to finally get on an even playing field. The PS3 has long since been playing second fiddle to the 360, but with the Premium portion of Elite it seemed like there was at least one opportunity for Sony's console to get some first hand love.

Unfortunately, when more details came out at Call of Duty XP, it became very evident that the partnership between Activision and Microsoft still existed, and that, yet again, PS3 players were going to have to wait an entire month before getting their hands on the new map packs.

But all of this isn't even taking into account Modern Warfare players who are not part of the Call of Duty Elite Premium program. Those gamers, as indicated by the Modern Warfare 3 Content Season calendar, will have to wait until the full Content Drop releases to get their hands on the maps. We're not quite sure if the same PS3 holding period applies for this Content Collection, but PS3 players shouldn't get their hopes up for a concurrent release.

But, for now, two new maps are available for PS3 owners that also happen to be Call of Duty Elite members. So get to downloading.

What do you think of Piazza and Liberation, the two new maps (if you're on the PS3) for Modern Warfare 3? Will we ever get past the Xbox 360 exclusivity?


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