Go Behind the Scenes of 'Modern Warfare 3' Content Collection 1

Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 1 Video

With so much content being offered for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 this time around it's actually becoming hard to keep track of what is actually releasing and when it's releasing. Sure the handy calendar Activision released will help, but it only gets one so far.

Though we still don't have a better grasp on the situation, we are proud to announce that the first Content Collection — a larger selection of maps that had been previously made available and some new ones — is releasing tomorrow.

To celebrate the occasion, Activision has released a new behind-the-scenes video that focuses on the many different gameplay options each map has to offer. This video isn't going to be for those that have already gunned their way through Piazza, Liberation, and Overwatch, but to help convince those waiting for the Content Collection that it's worth checking out.

See for yourself:


Although Content Collection 1 is touted by Activision as the biggest content pack in franchise history for its inclusion of new multiplayer/survival maps and two new spec-ops missions, it's actually content that a large portion of Modern Warfare 3 players have seen before. Starting back in February, Infinity Ward began a 9-month "season" of DLC offerings starting with the release of Piazza and Liberation, and leading us here -- to all of the releases since then being rolled up into one larger package.

Of course, even though most of this Content Collection is filled with items that Xbox 360 Premium members have already received, there is still an order to things — and Call of Duty Elite Premium members for the Xbox are getting their content tomorrow. And then, just one week later, regular Xbox Live members can get their hands on Content Collection 1 on the 20th. PS3 (both the regular and Elite Premium) members can probably expect their Content Collection to release about a month later.

Are you ready for Modern Warfare 3's Content Collection 1 to release? Has this whole Content Season made Call of Duty DLC more confusing and less impactful, or has the spacing kept you interested for longer?

Modern Warfare 3's Content Collection #1 releases March 13, 2012 for Xbox 360 Elite Premium members and March 20th for all Xbox 360 players.



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