Modern Warfare 3 PC Content Collection 1 Release Date

PC gamers can rest a little easier now that the first DLC Collection for Modern Warfare 3 has finally been given a date. Individual content drops have been rolling out for Premium Call of Duty Elite members since January, but it was only in March that non-Elite members (on the Xbox 360) were able to get their hands on the four new multiplayer maps and two new Spec Ops missions.

PS3 players had to wait an additional month for the Content Collection 1 to release, and PC gamers expected their release would soon follow, but apparently the DLC got caught up in QA testing. Thankfully, though, it was finally been confirmed that the PC Content Collection 1 would release on May 8th.

Bundled in as part of Content Collection 1, are the multiplayer maps Liberation, Piazza, Overwatch, and Black Box, along with two new Spec Ops missions titled Negotiator and Black Ice. Each of the new DLC pieces adds a new dynamic to the experience, and can be seen in various forms on this site.

This entire DLC Content Drop/Collection business that Activision has created for Modern Warfare 3 has not only confused three different segments of gamers (that’s why they released a content calendar) but has really turned fans off to the idea of returning to the game. Rather than try to figure out if one map, or several maps might be available, or just trying to figure out when your console might be getting DLC, has become so difficult that it’s usually best just to wait.

The initial idea was there — give players DLC faster to keep them playing for longer — but the implementation of Call of Duty Elite Premium, while a smart moneymaking proposition for Activision, has further confused the issue. Hopefully the release of Content Collection 2, which should be releasing some time in June and feature four MP maps, two Spec Ops missions and a new mode, will go a lot smoother.

Any PC gamers out there happy to learn they are finally getting some MW 3 DLC? Has the lack of communication regarding Modern Warfare 3 DLC turned you off from the game?

Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection 1 releases for the PC on May 8, 2012.

Source: Infinity Ward (Via MP1st)