'Modern Warfare 3' Content Collection #1 Gets A Launch Trailer

MW3 Content Collection 1 Launch Trailer

Premium Call of Duty: ELITE subscribers have already been enjoying plenty of Modern Warfare 3 DLC. Everyone else will be able to partake in the action starting next week, and to get players ready Activision has released a new trailer.

Activision heralds the first Content Collection as being the biggest batch of DLC in Call of Duty history, as it includes four new multiplayer maps and two brand new Spec Ops missions. Modern Warfare 3 players who are already Call of Duty: ELITE Premium subscribers have had access to the material in the Collection through Content drops -- assuming they're playing on Xbox 360. PlayStation 3 users have only had access to a single Content Drop so far.

Content Collection 1 is slated to hit Xbox Live on March 20th. There is still no solid date for the PS3/PC launch, due to the deal between Microsoft and Activision that gives Xbox 360 a window of exclusivity on Call of Duty DLC. Thankfully, that arrangement ends this year, so let's hope Activision doesn't renew it -- PS3 owners are still waiting on the Overwatch map, after all.

Check out the launch trailer for Content Collection #1:


The trailer doesn't seem to include much new footage, with most of it coming from Monday's Content Collection trailer, though that version doesn't include the developer commentary. How many of these trailers do we need?

Strangely, there's no word on whether a double XP weekend will accompany the Content Collection's release. It's been a common tradition in the past, and most Call of Duty fans would probably rather use their prestige tokens on unlocking new guns instead of an hour of XP.

That being said, ever since Modern Warfare 2, there has been a very vocal group complaining about the price of Call of Duty DLC - $14.99 is quite a lot to ask for a handful of maps. However, it's much easier to justify the price tag this time around, especially for fans of Modern Warfare 3. Four new maps and two Spec Ops co-op missions, both of which offer tons of replayability due to the inclusion of online leaderboards? Count me in.

The Modern Warfare 3 Content Collection #1 releases March 20, 2012, for the Xbox 360.


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